The vector images are not made up of dots as the JPEG or BMP images. This makes it easier to scale the images larger or smaller size without compromising on the quality. The edges keep smooth and clean when blown up. They can be ideal for using in logos which takes up different sizes. Vector graphics are used in animation to scale images better. The images are used differently– when the printing industry brings up stationery or small visiting cards, huge banners and vehicle graphics and signs that have the same designs and lettering in different sizes and medium. The quality that the images does not change when scaled to different size gives the vector images the independence from the number of pixels that makes up the images in JPEG or bitmap.

The bitmap images can be converted to vector graphics too. Then the image is completely redrawn keeping the points to a minimum number and hence the file size to a minimum. The JPEG or bitmap images are called raster graphics-the ones without the pixels are slotted to vector graphics. The pixels can have different colors and shades. The vector graphics make the images scalable. The bitmap images need high resolution and anti aliasing for giving a smooth texture. The vector graphics can be smooth at any point of time, size and resolution. This happens for images that are mathematically defined. The bitmaps use pixels to measure the area on which the image can be spread out – which is not the case with vector.

This quality makes it easier for the bitmap images to be used for the photography and to capture images that have subtle shades and colors. The vector graphics are used for logos, illustrations and line art, page layout and types. The vector graphics are used to resize the image or the types to get the same on a small area or a large area – depending on the requirement. The logo may have different colors and texture but when blown to be printed as a banner or hoardings – the logo gives out the same distinction and sharpness and is not blurred out. The logos drawn on bitmap can be converted to vector graphics. This makes it easier to create a logo on the bitmap and then convert to vector by a professional. The changes from the bitmap take effect on vector graphics.

The illustrations for demonstration or training purpose and technical manuals do need to show the details in larger scales and vector illustrations are more suited for these instances. The vector graphics use different editors. The Inkscape is a cross platform editor and can be used with Mac, UNIX or Windows operating systems. Creative Docs .Net is another editor that can be used to create flowcharts and building plans and posters. Another editor from Vector is Draw Plus and it helps in creating sketches. It allows painting or drawing and creating different quality images from one’s imagination. There are other editors like Karbon and Aviary Online editor. The new editors need to be worked on to get the new world of graphics – free of pixels. The editors will work online for bringing in images that are scalable without any adverse effect.

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