The common cold and the Flu Bamboo Extract for throat conditions, cough, bronchitis and the flu Bamboo extract is beneficial for Lyme disease because of its effect on respiratory infections.

The bamboo extract works very quickly for acute respiratory problems, especially in children and young adults. It is recommended for any upper respiratory infections caused by a virus or bacteria.

It can be combined with Sinus Chi and Synergen for better results. It is important to note that Bamboo Extract should not be used instead of antibiotics for severe infections. However, it can be used in conjunction with antibiotics for better and faster results.

A Barber, DC from AK, reports on a 70-year-old female patient who had a bloody cough. Dr. Barber recommended Bamboo Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Chi Energy, Reishi Spore Extract, Asparagus Extract, and Synergen. A few weeks later, the patient no longer experienced bleeding but still continued to stay on the program for a year.

Her voice was expectedly hoarse. She constantly needed antibiotics. Then she added Bamboo Extract (2 capsules, twice daily). In only 2 days, she could feel her symptoms were about 80% better.

Bamboo Extract, Bath Detox, Liver Chi for the cold and flu A study found that bamboo extract contains guaiacol, an important ingredient also found in Tamiflu, conventional oral flu medicine.
Especially when combined with sinus chi, it will produce even better results for the cold and flu.

R. Welch, DC from CA, has a patient, a 6-year-old boy, who suffered from a cold and ‘infectious asthma' that lasted on and off for a year. Every time he caught a cold, he would also get asthma, which would last for months even after the cold was gone.

He was put on steroids to get him better, but for months after each cold, we would have to use his inhaler. Then Dr. Welch recommended Bamboo Extract, which was so effective, the boy's mother had this to write: “To my surprise and great happiness, not only did the Bamboo Extract help him get over the cold in a week and a half but I have also not had to use his inhaler once in over 6 months.

Three weeks ago he got a cold. With Bamboo Extract it was gone in a week and, again, he never needed to use his inhaler. Bath Detox is an immunity enhancer and an antimicrobial agent, making it effective against the common cold. It is considered an aromatic formula, which is effective for removing toxins through the lungs. Even just inhaling it will produce favorable results.

Children will especially benefit from this therapy because it is non-invasive and offers relief in less time than conventional medication, as the following study illustrates. In a 1998 report from the Jiangsu Health Department, 280 subjects with the common cold were given Bath Detox.
All subjects (ages 3 to 82 years old) had a cold between 1 to 3 days. Subjects with just the beginnings of the cold were given Bath Detox once for 15-20 minutes.

Subjects with more severe cases used Bath Detox once daily for 3 days. Figure 4 shows that on the first day, Body Detox was effective after two days while 9.79% of subjects did not experience its effectiveness until the third day.

Liver Chi is also the best formula for cold and flu symptoms
One pack of Liver Chi, taken two or three times a day immediately following the first signs of a cold or flu can prevent the onset of viral replication, eliminating the symptoms of muscle pain.

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