CNA Nursing Testing

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN), works under the proper supervision of RN in order to meet the health requirements of a patient. Some of the healthcare tasks carried out by CNAs include:

  • Helping patients to both dress and toilet
  • Monitoring the vital signs of a patient
  • Caring and cleaning the patients
  • Help in feeding the patient
  • Moving and transferring patients from between wheelchairs and beds.

The CNA practice test is classified into two main sections; they include clinical skills test and written examination. The written examination consists of multiple-choice format questions used in testing your knowledge of nursing concepts. One is assigned 90 minutes to go through 60 questions. In clinical skills exam, you are required to execute nursing tasks in presence of an examiner. Here you have a responsibility of showcasing five duties in a span of 30 minutes.

Although there is some leniency on perfection, you’re expected to carry self-correction where necessary to ensure a high level of accuracy when carrying out the most critical steps of the tasks. You are expected to record a minimum score of 70% in every section.

Note that every state has their own requirements on the amount of time that should be allocated to complete the two sections and the percentage of passing mark. Some of the topics that one has to cover in practice test include, Positioning the patient, Preventing own injury, how to make use of restraints, emergency situations, and patient safety, learning the system of metric, medical terminology, ethical and legal issues, responsibility of CNA and many others.

On the side of the clinical skills examination, the responsibilities to be examined vary, but the common ones include assessing vital signs, offering catheter care, and transfer of gait belt. Note that, although you may not be able to tell of the duties which will be assessed, the only skill that you should always expect to show is the technique of hand washing. In case you don’t clean your hands within the required 20 seconds, you should expect an automatic fail.

Requirements to become a CNA certified

-Complete a CNA program successfully which is approved by the state nursing board.

-Provide your license application, fingerprints, program completion certificate, and the processing fees.

-Pass both the clinical skills and written portions of the certification exam.

How to prepare for the CNA Practice Test

One of the effective ways to prepare for the CNA test is by use of practice tests. The following are benefits associated with using CNA sample test questions:

-You’re comfortable with the format of the Test

The CNA test, just like any other standardized' tests, it has got its own ways of ensuring questions presentation. As you go through several sample tests, you’ll be able to master the pattern of how questions are framed. During the day of the exam, you’ll be more comfortable and with less expectation of surprises.

-Focusing on Study time

Employing the use of a practice test as a strategy for studying is one of the most effective preparation strategies. The main advantage of using sample tests is that you get to know where your strength and weakness lies. Therefore, you can allocate more time to the weakest areas during the study period.

-Helps in Retaining Information

Whenever you’re using sample tests for revision, you not only measure what your brain has retained but also reinforce the knowledge acquired. This enables you to retrieve what you had learned some time ago.


Therefore, CNA practice tests are highly important for any nurse out there. The reason is that they are used to test the level of qualification for the nursing task which is a very sensitive department of health and also to test the level of competency to be associated to a nurse.

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