The cloud point of sale technology is one if the hottest POS trend that has proven to be much beneficial for the small businesses and retailers as it is relatively less expensive than building a network infrastructure for your point of sale system.

Cloud Point of Sale System

Well, the traditional POS systems have a data center in the form of a network center or computer in the back room which is connected to POS devices via wires and cables. For example, in restaurants, there are devices for processing payments, taking orders and the computer system on the counter which is all connected to the main computer at the back via POS servers and terminals.
On the other hand, the cloud-based point of sale trends require no wires and cables as it is all cloud-based and usually the network is wireless. The traffic goes through someone else’s data Centre which the POS companies provide as a POS service provider.

There is no need for establishing an expensive network infrastructure for your POS system as a cloud-based point of sale solution is pretty convenient and affordable. This system provides flexibility and other advantages such as low cost, simplicity, and functionality of the system which is why cloud POS is the preferred choice for most of the merchants.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of cloud point of sale for a complete picture.

1. Cost

The cost of the traditional POS systems was really high as it requires complete hardware upfront, complete network structure, getting a licensed software, maintenance, and terminal fees which adds up to make a huge sum. On the other hand, in cloud-based POS, you only need to pay a monthly rental fee, and the POS service providers will take care of all the other things. You will be using their product in the form of software which can be different based on the features company provide and cost. So, you can save a lot of money by having a cloud-based point of sale.

2. Simplicity

The traditional POS systems are complex as there is wiring, terminals, devices, and computers in the store to keep everything up and to run. While the cloud point of sale is quite simple with a wireless network and connecting to the cloud without any complexity which makes it pretty simple and convenient.

3. Flexibility

Different features and adaptability of cloud point of sale make it flexible which can also be adapted in stages. You can also get the latest software and upgrades as per your requirements.

4. Function

Functionality and features of the cloud POS depend on how well are the network and software built and choosing the right service provider is also a factor that needs to be considered. API interface of the cloud POS can allow the third party services such as online payment, delivery and taking orders. It can be accessed from different devices such as tablets and window client terminals, making it more useful and effective.

A recent report of the Hospitality Technology’s 2018 POS software has claimed that more than 60% of the merchants want their next point of sale system to be cloud-based which is more effective and convenient as compared to the traditional point of sale systems. So, be a part of this growing industry today and get the much-needed upgrade for your business right away.

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