Imagine the journey of life as a simple circle. If we drew a circle on paper, we would write ‘Source/Universal/God/Soul/Love…’ at the top of the circle. We believe that life as we know it arises from spirit, from the universal source of all that is. And so the life cycle begins by moving down one side of the circle.

For human beings, this stage of the journey could be called the Path of Personality. Born of spiritual essence, we incarnate into matter to explore the experience of separation and duality. Our ego and personality emerge as we begin to identify with the physical world. We forget that our true nature is the spiritual oneness.

As personalities, we believe in individuality and limitation, scarcity and competition. These beliefs in separation give rise to emotions like fear and pain and pride because we’ve forgotten who we really are. The Path of Personality is a path of involution, attachment, distortion, outer work and exclusion where we tend to see ourselves as victims. All of this moves us away from our connection with the divine.

As we reach the MAGIC POINT at the bottom of the circle, the focus of our life shifts significantly. The magic point can be triggered by suffering or crisis that brings a new awareness and awakening. We can also move through the magic point more gently as our ego gradually matures.

Either way, we begin to see through the illusions of this material world. We begin to connect with our true nature – the love and potential of the divine source. Passing the magic point, we embark upon the Path of Soul. We increasingly let go of faulty beliefs and blocks to allow our soul to genuinely express through us. On this path, we focus on inner work. We experience opening up, detachment, expansion, inclusion and evolution. We are accountable for our lives. The Path of Soul carries us up the other half of the circle as we return home to the source.

As unique expressions of the divine, our journeys through life expand our consciousness. Where might you place yourself on this circle of life? Are you traveling the path of personality, building a strong and independent ego? Or have you turned back towards home with a growing awareness of your spiritual essence?

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John Robson is a certified Journaling facilitator who aims in developing higher minds and consciousness and an extensive personal and spiritual growth tool kit that will help people find their own worth, power, purpose and joy. His Spiritual Development workbooks and exercises cultivate higher awareness and spiritual understanding to support you in handling life authentically, powerfully and compassionately.