If you drew a big circle on a piece of paper and I asked you to divide it up like a pie, each slice representing how you spend your time, would there be nice big chunks of pie devoted to REST, RELAXATION, REFLECTION, RECREATION???? When I do this exercise with people, the majority of them have way too much time devoted to work, chores and responsibilities and not enough time devoted to those four R’s (as introduced in the book The Inner Game of Stress by T. Gallwey).

Where is the balance?

We all maintain a certain amount of work, chores and responsibilities, but it all must be balanced with time devoted to the four R’s.

How happy can you truly be if all you do is work and not play?

How fulfilled can you be if you run from place to place with no time for rest and relaxation?

How nourished can you be if you have spent no time in reflection of where you have been and where you hope to be?

We are happier, more satisfied and LESS STRESSED if we can take the time to rest, relax, reflect and PLAY.

When do you find yourself doing exactly what you want to be doing and never wanting it to end? When does time stop for you?

Find more of that time for yourself; and happiness and joy will follow.

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Julie McGrath founded The Joy Source to encourage women to live their best lives full of joy and passion. Registration has begun for her Woman’s Day of Inspiration and Joy held on October 2nd at the Peabody Marriott. Please find the details on her website www.thejoysource.com. This year, you will be challenged to Be Better Than You Used to Be!