One of the most incredible and astounding things that you will be able to see is whales moving in San Diego within the months of December through April and a whale watching cruise in San Diego will probably be the golden opportunity to see this phenomenon. This is definitely the migration time of the “giants of the sea” as they go down from Alaska to the warmer waters in the lagoons of California. This is where they give birth to their young and the circle of life continues on. This is a 5,000 mile journey that over 15,000 whales make every year and is one of the longest annual migratory treks known of mammals and so by booking San Diego whale watching tours you will be able to get a glimpse of this magnificent journey.

As the coastline is over 70 miles long it is the excellent area to bring in whales and the peak time to check out the whale migration on a whale watching cruise in San Diego is in mid-January. This is a tourist paradise since not only can they go on the San Diego whale watching tours to have a look at the whales, but they can also see all kinds of other incredible sea creatures such as dolphins, sea lions and an abundant bird life. Most mariners of the vessels that you will take will definitely be properly educated on these sea creatures and can provide you with a number of good information regarding their life span and characteristics. They also can give you some facts about the history of the Bay area and fill you in on some of the wonderful restaurants and shopping areas to see. It can be a priceless life experience to see grey whales at such a close distance and you can get some amazing photographs for you to always remember the experience. Remember to book your excursion well ahead of time so that you will get your entire party on the same catamaran to take joy in the experience of seeing the whales together. If you adore nature and sea life, then this will be your chance to see the lovely grey whales among family and friends. You could also book a tour as a business trip or corporate event or as a family reunion because the San Diego whale watching tours are for everyone. You could also surprise a loved one for their birthday or for an anniversary and take them on a surprise whale watching cruise in San Diego and I’m sure it will be a birthday that they will never forget.

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