We’ve all probably heard about Earth Day but very few of us are really aware about the story behind this particular day and its importance. In the present world, the significance of this day is huge and each and every individual on this world must know about the significance of this day.
Earth Day
In 1970, on April 22, about twenty million American citizens took up an initiative to teach the entire nation about a sustainable, cleaner and better world for the future through rallies in different parts of the nation through teach-in activities. That day, the entire program was based on the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Since then, Earth Day is celebrated every year all across the world and a number of programs are held on that day. Nowadays, the entire month of April is celebrated as Earth Month when different recycling and cleanup activities are organized along with many sustainability exhibitions and fairs regarding various environmental issues.
Environmental Friendly Living
There are a lot of serious environmental issues which need special attention for the sustainability of this green planet. Water pollution, the usage of plastic and other non-degradable chemicals, oil spills, air pollution and global warming are some of the major environmental issues nowadays. To preserve this beautiful world and to control these environmental issues, every individual can do their share of work by maintaining an environmental friendly lifestyle. An environmental friendly lifestyle means to celebrate Earth Day every day throughout the year.
For an environmental friendly lifestyle, one needs to follow a few steps to preserve our green environment.
• Don’t dispose of wastage in the wrong place as this creates both air and water pollution.
• Start using eco-friendly products instead of non-degradable products.
• Start visiting recycling plants regularly with your wastage instead of dumping it in waste stations as this wastage can be recycled to produce new items without adding any element to the garbage dump. Recycling is a noble job for the sustainability of this planet as it makes a huge impact on our environment.
• For decorating houses, offices and other commercial areas, depend on renewable and eco-friendly sources without consuming non-renewable sources. For example, make one time investment and install a solar panel on the roof top of your home and office to use solar energy for electric power supply instead of using non-renewable power supply.
• Avoid using automobiles as much as possible to reduce fuel consumption as well as emission of poisonous gases. If your destination is nearby, take a bicycle ride or simply walk. Avoid automobiles does not mean that you have to sell your personal car. Definitely use it whenever it is essential or avail public transport.
• Save energy as much as possible by consuming only that much power you need. Use solar energy to dry clothes instead of using electrical power in a dryer. Similarly, power off the lights, fans and other electrical items when they are not in use.
Follow these small steps and contribute your share every day towards the preservation of our environment and to get a greener world in future.

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