Sleep apnea is not a virus or disease but rather a problem of diet. However, all people can contract the problem. Fat, skinny, large or small, sleep apnea can be acquired by any body type.
Sleep apnea is a symptom rather than a disease itself. It is an air obstructive pathway problem. People that have sleep apnea cannot breath because there is something obstructing their air pathways leading to their lungs. If you cannot breath then you cannot sleep. That is why some people use a CPAP machine to force air into their lungs.
When people have apnea, usually they have a collapsing in the back part of their sinus or throat which is called atrophy. Atrophy is a loose, sagging, tissue that obstructs the breathing pathways. Atrophy can be caused by many different things. Some people say it is caused by obesity but there are many skinny people that have it and some fat people that do not have it. So obesity is not necessarily a cause of atrophy. It is possible to have some excess fat in the back of the throat or sinus area but fat is not normally accumulated in the back of our sinuses. So that is unlikely. However, the things that people do to get fat are usually causing problems in other parts of their bodies as well. That is why many people associate apnea with obesity.
If you have sleep apnea, the first thing you should do is change your diet. You should avoid dairy products such as milk, ice cream and cheese. These will create a swelling in the back of the throat or sinus area. Anything that creates inflammation can be a problem.
Allergies, especially food allergies can be a big problem. Sugar is a big problem because sugar will cause swelling of the different tissues, it is very inflammatory.
Again, if someone has sleep apnea the first thing to do is change their diet, no more sugar, no more wheat, no more grains. For example, no more bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, biscuits, waffles or dairy products. Then as time goes by, see if the problem clears up. It is very possible that the problem will correct itself.
Allergies: Seasonal allergies, when your sinuses are all clogged up, could also be a factor in causing your sleep apnea problem. If you have allergies, hives, asthma or anything like that. one of the best remedies is Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly comes from bees and is highly beneficial to neutralizing allergies.
Sinus Congestion: Start by changing your diet as mentioned above and see if it will rectify the problem.
High Cortisol: This is high stress. High Cortisol can shrink a nerve that is connected to your brain stem and to the back of your sinuses. Being on prednisone or cortisone can be the problem that caused you to get this condition. If this is your problem then there is a good cortisol support product you can get. It supports you in reducing inflammation, supports the adrenal and generally helps fight the deeper causes of the problem. By reducing the inflammation you will start breathing better.
Fungus: If you have allergies where you live it could be a fungus in your sinuses because you have history of antibiotics but it could be caused also from other things. If that is the case then you should work on your stomach and establish friendly flora. Building up friendly bacteria in your abdomen will definitely help.
Another great product that will help you is apple cider vinegar. A teaspoon in some water every day will drop your PH just a little and this will instantly increase your oxygen carrying capacity to your body. You will actually breathe better. Give it a try - it may work for you.
These are some tips to help you with your sleep apnea problem - I pray you find what you need for a better life.

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