Since many years, other types of promotional ways have used by public. TV commercials, Radio ads, Printed ad & Direct marketing. Now in the world of Internet, it has taken over the game, banner become social media pages but email advertising has become the cost effective and best tool for all business out there.

If you’re not sure why it is the best promotional medium, just scroll down & keep reading.

Facts of Email Marketing-

  • Email technique brings min $45 in ROI for every dollar spent.
  • Email marketing solution is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies.
  • From 2015 to 2017, email open rate on mobile devices is increased by 30%.
  • According to campaign monitor reports, 50% readers clicked on a link because a product interested them.

Why Email Marketing is Successful?

1.) It is affordable- There’s a no single advertising tool available for email marketing. As compared to newspaper ad, radio advertising, mass email marketing is a true bargain.

2.) It is trackable- Instantly, we can see when your email is opened and which links have clicks. It can be a sent email survey or just an HTML newsletter, Email marketing is trackable in real time. 

3.) It is targeted- No other form of advertising allow you to call customer by name, draft copy according to their needs and demands? Only email marketing campaign gives you a true hand-to-hand relationship with audience.


Before you move ahead for email marketing to your customers, start following rules & strategies to ensure success. Nowadays, this promotional activity is a powerful technology that can highly enhance your goods & services marketing. Don’t forget to write catchy subject lines, relevant & informational content body for better CPR.

Author's Bio: 

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