This is a true story about a broken Angel. At the same time it is about all children and adults, we all have a broken Angel inside that needs healing. And if the Angel is not healed - this Angel in an adult body will guide his children to become another Broken Angel.

A little boy came to the world 15 years ago. Let us call him Angel !!
He grew up in love and a life without limitations.
Angel loved books, stories and fairy tales. He travelled with his parents around the world, because the family wanted a different life - a life in freedom.
Angel was happy, he had home school and loved to learn. He was a fast learner and absorbed everything as a sponge. And he found it very exciting to travel through the countries with his family.
Angel was fascinated with the different cultures, religions and creeds he encountered. He had friends everywhere, religion or race was of no significance for him or his family.

Angel loved life, freedom and love.
He was able to be himself in every way !
He was believed in everything !
He was supported in everything !
Angel was self-confident and easy. He could stand up, without fear, in big crowds and share in another language what he saw - it could be aura, past lifetimes, a life style that could be improved and much, much more.
Angel was loved wherever he was. Everybody wanted to touch him, hug him or talk with him.
He lived a life in freedom - he was happy...

When Angel was 10 years old he started to feel the pressure from his grandmother. She wanted him to become NORMAL.
Angel started to think: " Am I not normal ? "

And he asked his parents if they could settle down in the country they came from. And to attend normal school.

"Grandma wants me to go to normal school " he said.

The parents, who had taught him to follow his heart, were surprised. They could observe that the pressure from Grandma on Angel would lead to a vicious circle.
What could the parents do ?
If they refused his wish - what would happen then ?
The parents had the belief that Angel had to make the decision by himself. They discussed the subject with the boy for a long time.
Eventually mother said:
" Dearest Angel, you must make this choice from your own heart - not to humour Grandma. "
Angel took his time, he suffered - a painful conflict of loyalty.
The parents talked with Grandma - she was not willing to SEE.
Even though the family had travelled in order to protect Angel from the negative influences from family and friends, it was difficult to protect him entirely. To forbid him to meet the family would not have been fair either. The visits with the family had been seldom and brief. Yet Angel`s loyalty was considerable. And Grandma`s manipulating powers were awesome.
He felt that he wanted to live in freedom, but at the same time he felt obligated to obey Grandma. So he decided that the family should go back to their country.
The parents told him that they supported him, if this was according to his own free will and if this was what he wanted.
He was crying as he gave the parents his answer: Yes...

The parents started to look for the right school, or more precisely, the "best of the worst". Because the parents knew what was coming.
They told Angel that they did this for him, and that they were willing to support him in this choice.
They found a Steiner-school in beautiful, natural surroundings - which was very suitable for Angel, who loved nature. Grandma was pleased - and Angel did all he could to fit into this limited world.

Day by day it became more and more difficult for Angel. He was critized for being:


They picked him apart..piece by piece - until he had a nervous breakdown.
The parents had been on many meetings with the school and asked the teachers to treat the children with more respect. The teachers said that they were treating the children with respect.
But the parents observed and witnessed how the teachers scolded, reprimanded and yelled at the children.
Angel was used to parents who talked with him, not to him. And to be included, not reprimanded.
Grandma and the school reminded him about how odd his parents were, and that he was just as un-normal as his family.
After 1 1/2 years with spite he had another, more serious breakdown. But he was still afraid of Grandma..
Now, however, the parents took him out of the school
They took him home.

Angel is almost 15 years now. He has emotional wounds. He is not as happy and free as he used to be...he is angry.
He stopped singing with his mentor.
He quitted his drama class.
He stopped playing instruments.
And he is ashamed of his family.
He is longing for the way things were, but says that it can never be like this again.
Angel can see auras and other things, but he will not talk about it.
Now he wants to do the opposite of what the parents have shown him.
He , who once loved to hates everything about it.
Angel is resisting everything he loved.
More than anything he wants to be "NORMAL", this is the wound he was inflicted after 1 1/2 years in the "NORMAL" world.

But there is still hope.
Still Angel comes creeping into his mother`s lap to get comfort.
Together the lay on the sofa and have deep conversations about what is important in life.
Angel has a great amount of self-knowledge, he says that he misses what was, but that he is afraid of not being "NORMAL".
" The teachers said that I was not normal, mum, how can I live with that, how can I accept the part of myself that I am longing for. How can I dare becoming myself again ?
The happy, shiny ray of sun is BROKEN.

The parents have worked very hard to get him back. And step by step they have had success.
But what seems to have vanished for ever is his innocence....

How many children will be destroyed before people will wake up ?
This boy is one of many.
He had everything ! He was the LIGHT !
Now he has a darkness inside.
He has good days, the parents can see he is improving. But it is painful to see that he has days when he just want to die.
How could such a happy and free boy become so reduced after 1 1/2 years at school ?
How does the world see children ?
He was not NORMAL, and fortunately the author is not either.
He was NATURAL, as I am, and as everyone should be.

There are more and more suicides among children. They know who they are until the meet a ton of pressure.
What are we doing with the children who are in our care ?
They have everything inside.
Instead of supporting them for who they are, society cuts and limits.

We teach a child to walk.
The child walks perfectly, but we find a stick and make him a cripple.
Then we say: " Walk nicely ".
We give him crutches and say: "Walk like us ! "
The child walked perfectly until he was crippled.
We made him like ourselves !
What if the children can just be..... themselves ??

This is a story that the author can verify, because Angel is in the author`s daily life....

The resurrection - the Angels are crying out - "wake up ! " - NOW !

These illusions became a painful experience !
But not wasted, because now the author has an even greater passion in working for all the children on the earth and speaking out for them !!!

Set the children free !
They are kept in a painful prison !
And they try to fit into our crippled society.
They try to be normal..they will be obedient to please us...they love us so much that they let go of themselves..their NATURAL state of being...

We must be crazy for allowing this to happen with our children !
But NOW is the time for the awakening !
Parents wake up ! Let us set our children FREE !
They deserve our greatest effort - don`t you agree ?
Or do you cling to the old ways ???
The old ways do not work !
We have to think new NOW !

Angel is one of many broken Angels.
He has chosen to incarnate here on Earth to experience this, to show us the way.
He is the Awakening.
He was born on the 20 th, in Linda Goodmans numerology this means The Awakening.
He has chosen a painful incarnation.
He is the Angel of the Awakening !
Let us thank him by waking up !

Author's Bio: 

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
They are regular contributors on , Canada - with more than 100.000 members.
Moreover they write articles for several alternative magazines in Norway.
They live a holistic life style on their organic farm in the mountains, with home school for their children.
The children are their passion - and their vision is to improve the conditions for the children in the world.

" We LOVE to help people improve their lives - and to help families to live in harmony, LOVE and health.
The best thing ever is to help others to the life they dream about.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth - and it is our purpose to help parents become more conscious and support their children to bring forth their highest potential.
Life is a joy - and not a struggle...
Our experiences in our own life have shown us that conscious parenting works. We are here to serve in a truthful and humble way."--Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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