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The Life Carriers returned 600,000,000 years ago to study the physical conditions of our planet, once again, to make changes and institute modifications for the basic and standard life designs of the local universe.
These Life Carriers cannot initial life until a sphere is ripe to begin the evolutionary cycle. Nor, can they speed-up the development of life, since it must be supported and accommodated by the physical progress of our planet.

Our Life Carriers knew that life on our planet followed a sodium chloride pattern and steps could not be taken toward planting it until the ocean waters had become sufficiently briny. The Urantia type of protoplasm can function only in a suitable salt-solution habitat. And even the more highly organized land animals could not continue to live if this same essential salt solution did not circulate throughout their bodies in the blood stream which freely bathes, literally submerges, every tiny living cell in this “briny deep.”

550,000,000 years ago, the Life Carriers returned and once again, there was no magic or superphysical forces in play as they planted life plasma in the hospitable waters of the realm. The Life Carriers and the other spiritual beings including our Supreme God wanted to see how life would evolve on its own, since Earth had become ripe for it.

In previous chapters, I had mentioned about having three near-death experiences. I’ve discussed two out of the three, but I never disclosed my near-death experiences involving the birth of my first child, Michelle.
It had been an emergency c-section. Of course, I didn’t know I had died and it was kept from me, until after I gave birth to my second-child, Mitch. It had become clear to me that a dream I had experienced with my first, didn’t happen with Mitch.

So, I asked Warren, who had been at the hospital when I had a tough time in going through labor with Michelle, with no success, and was immediately rushed into surgery. I dreamed of sitting on the sand of a beautiful beach among other human beings, I felt connected to, as we formed a circle. I sat not facing a bright light above the aqua water. The light did not come from the sun, but from something else. I knew not to stare into the light, because I wasn’t ready to go. I had something important to do and had to return, yet I didn’t know what that was, because my memories of my life on Earth was completely washed away. It was like I made the choice for myself to return and told the others sitting on the sand, I had something important to do and would return. So, I walked away from the group leaving the white sand and walking among the shadows of trees. I went through a tunnel and then woke up as a nurse was finishing the dressing on my c-section. She seemed very surprised that I woke up like that! It didn’t dawn on me “why” she reacted the way she did, since I didn’t know I had died giving birth to Michelle.

So, for having this wonderful experience, and I do mean “wonderful,” our connection to water is obvious to me, since we certainly can’t exist without it. According to science, up to 60 percent of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73 percent water, and the lungs are about 83 percent water. The skin contains 64 percent water, muscles and kidneys are 79 percent, and even the bones are watery at 31 percent.

(In the Memory of Dad)
Quote: If a man never contradicts himself it is because he never says anything.

Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at