While many couples do not believe they can pick the gender of their future baby and happy with being pregnant. There are couples who will do anything just to have a gender of their choice. Though there is a lot of available information in the internet, they still find another way that will be both beneficial for them. That is why they look for methods that will be helpful that will give information about how to conceive a boy .

Basically there are two ways to choose the gender of your choice. First is through scientific ways that are very costly and requires a lot of attention. But there are also which are all natural and requires a painless procedure. Another is that it has no medication and is cheap. A reason why many couples have been patronizing these concepts. There are a lot of ways to conceive a boy naturally. One way is to know the ovulation of a women. Another is knowing the right position. And there are also that having the right diet proves to be effective.

Having a Boy Diet

In the studies conducted by medical experts, having an alkaline diet will increase the odds in having the gender of your choice. The concepts revolves around the fact that having an alkaline diet will increase the pH levels around the vaginal environment. Elementary will tell us that a lesser pH levels will have an acidic environment. If the pH levels in higher then the environment will be more basic.

The Y sperms is more active than the X sperm. But they were affected by the vaginal environment because Y sperm are more fragile especially when the vaginal environment is more acidic. To give more favor to the Y sperm, having a boy diet will solve the problem. Example of these foods are lemon, watermelon, apples, apricots, beans, grapefruits and guavas. Avoid eating foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium. Since these foods can give favor to the X sperms. It is also helpful for women to eat foods that are high in calorie. Example of these foods are meat specifically red meat.

For men, drinking coffee and other beverages that contains caffeine. Caffeine will make the male more active and will increase the number of the male chromosomes.

There is a lot of options in the next site to understand how to conceive a boy diet - what should you be eating . You can try this option and see the results.

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