About the Book:
When working out and getting in shape can be made even remotely enjoyable – we are more likely to stick with it and be successful in realizing our goals – in this case, HOW WE WANT OUR BODIES TO LOOK and how we want to feel about our bodies – how we feel about what we present to the world affects everything we do.
People who say otherwise are trying to fool themselves. So – the trick is to get to a place where you feel good about YOU. Using the tips in The Booty Bible can help you get started in the right DIRECTION.
What part does protein play in developing a backside that will make the angels sing? Find out why Fat isn’t the devil, carbs shouldn’t be damned and how to avoid the temptations of sugar.
From beginner to fitness enthusiast, the Booty Bible is designed to make getting a better backside, fun, easy and approachable for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Target Audience: Females ages 18 to 65
Available in eBook for Kindle, Nook
Available in Paperback at Amazon and most major Booksellers
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Alicia is a NASM elite fitness coach with a degree in Neuroscience from the University of Connecticut and she has completed Broadcast Journalism studies from Columbia University...and yes, that is her rear in the Jergen's body lotion advert.

She lives with her "better half," Jason and a bossy chihuahua, Tallulah in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

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Author's Bio: 

About the Author:
INTERNATIONAL fitness supermodel and veteran health lifestyle writer Alicia Marie decided that she wanted to get into fitness at the age of eight after spotting a comic book shot of DC Comic's Wonder Woman kicking the pants off some bad guys - while decked out in star-studded little shorts.

Fast-forward a few short years (and even fashion runways) later and ALICIA is now a published author (The Booty Bible™), an internationally recognized television and multi-media personality, a magazine cover model, a fitness wear designer (Alicia Marie by Rogiani) and a celebrity health guru. Not only does she pen her own column, ASK ALICIA, for Oxygen Magazine and several health features for many publications and websites including Men's Edge, Essence, Muscle & Fitness HERS, Fitness RX, SELF and Fitness Magazine, to name a few, but Alicia also opened a couple fresh cans of whoop-booty on MTV: Music Television as a MADE fitness coach and as one of the featured health experts on Kirstie Alley's My Big Life.

In addition to writing fitness books - she is currently the Editor-in-Chief of www.fitPOP.com a fun, informational fitness and pop culture web destination for women AND the star of her own health and nutrition video series, "Alicia Marie's CARDIO WORLD" (WATCH NOW on FitPOP.com or on the series' YouTube channel).