A Boot Camp session is "traditional" with a warm-up first and then many exercises using mainly body weight; such as pumps or pull-ups.

All muscles are stressed and these are programs that require a lot of energy. All outdoors, in a forest, a park or at the water's edge.
The setting of a session

Accessible to all who have the will (and for this, it takes a mind of steel!), the Boot Camp is practiced with several for a more motivating training.

You learn the team spirit, the desire to always do more in a group. The supervision of a Boot Camp is often done by former military or great sportsmen who help you push your limits.

The BootCamp, created by Paulina Goes Fit, is an online coaching site that offers daily fitness tips, in the form of mailings, tools, exercise videos and recipes.

With BootCamp, Internet users learn daily how to move better in everyday life, eat better by discovering new flavors, stabilize weight and regain a good lifestyle, all while developing motivation Relentless.

Benefits of the BootCamp Diet

A program based on common sense, respecting the principles of a good lifestyle: well-explained exercises, moderate caloric restriction, pleasure and epicurean-ism always highlighted

An amazing originality, both in terms of exercises, recipes and advice
Visible and user-recognized results in terms of form and thinning
Daily emails full of tips, tips and videos
An easy subscription and churn that inspires confidence.

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