History deals with findings, collecting, organizing, and presenting information about the past events. After the period of writing originated history was invented. It is a vast area used to examine, analyze and investigate the sequences of the events happened. This detailed analyzes sorts out the patterns of their cause and its effects. The development of history depended on writing which was a mode of communication. In 13th century the word history was coined and it meant “relation of happenings” or “a story”. Later in the 16th century Francis Bacon coined history as knowledge of matter determined by time. In European languages history meant “what happened to men”.

The history recorded initially is through fossil records and later by cavemen drawings. The history of histories began its record by clay, later on by metal tablets and ultimately paper. Nowadays, we have millions of History Books and artifacts to study the story of man. The factors of history are Pre history and Proto history. Pre history occurred earlier than writings and Proto history incorporating writings of the past. The Proto history originated at the era of dark ages to the present day. Modern days million of books are available to revise the past of man.

In pre-modern environment, epic poetry, collections of myths, spiritual texts were sources of past information referring to the writers like Vyasa, Valmiki etc. The history books obtain its primary sources from written facts from time to time. These sources are the closest to origin information. The Secondary sources are based on the existence of the first and it accounts analysis, evaluation and interpretation. Tertiary sources are based on the primary and secondary origin.

The study from history books helps us understand the nature and values of human life and social factors. The history books are enormous sources of knowledge to people and are part of the curriculum in schools up to a certain grade. The books depend on class requirements and hence cheaper. The History books prices are very cheaper and even an average man can afford it.

Libraries and book shops offer a meticulous collection of books to make things simpler and newer. India is the land of diversity contributing to cultural, traditional, and religious activities and hence History books price in India are cheaper. When a child grows he is taught to read. Getting ideas and knowledge is sufficient without worrying about the price of Books.

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