The blueberry dwarf hamster is actually part of the dwarf Campbell's Russian hamster family. The blueberry name comes from their fur which is has a bluish hue to it. These fascinating little creatures are the more docile of the hamster family and much smaller in size. Although the blueberry dwarf hamster is considered a nocturnal animal, and are more active at night, these little animals have bursts of energy during the day when others hamsters sleep in the daytime. Special consideration should be addressed when there are small children in the home, as these animals are very small, which makes it harder to handle them.

If they are mishandled, or surprised they have been known to bite. It is best to make your present known to the animal before opening cage or handling. Make sure there is at least one inch or bedding in the cage, changing it at least once a week. Use recycled paper shredded up or toilet paper torn up as bedding, try to avoid using wood chip like cedar and pine. These two types of wood chips contain oils that can damage the liver and kidneys of dwarf hamsters. The area of the cage that is dedicated for the hamsters bathroom should be cleaned once a day, this will eliminate the chance of bacteria forming or bad odors.

Hamsters are prone to chew on items in the cage, for this reason a ceramic dish is recommended for the hamsters food. Make sure to clean the bowl everyday, which will avoid any spoiled food contaminating the next days meal. In addition to regular food, try to give your pet fresh vegetables at least once a week, making sure to wash the vegetables thoroughly. Celery or carrots are considered a favorite for these hamsters. Follow the directions on whatever water bottle you purchase for attaching to the cage. Make sure to give your pet fresh water each day, and clean the bottle with warm soapy water at least once a week.

A wheel is a great item to purchase for your hamster's cage. Hamster's love the wheel and it provides a great way for them to get the exercise they need. Another item that should be included in the cage is a gnaw stone, this will help maintain the health of the hamsters mouth as well as the length of the teeth and nails. Also try to include some kind of enclosure for your hamster to sleep in. If you have more than one hamster, make sure to keep the males and females separated in different cages. this will avoid having a lot of babies running around.

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