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The mass expanse of outer space has been around without a number for time. For time, itself, doesn’t really exist when a reference is made for the very beginning. There isn’t one! Existence/Creation doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Yet, the Book of Urantia does provide a number for the super-universe known as Orvonton, which our own universe is a part of, Orvonton began its creation 987,000,000 years ago. The forces were at work, shaping and molding matter.

The Urantia Solar System began its creation within Orvonton 5,000,000,000 years ago starting with the sun, an isolated blazing orb, created from near-by circulating matter of space.

Today, our sun has had eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles revealing it as a variable star in its youth, which means it had continued contraction and consequent gradual increase of temperature initiating tremendous convulsions on its surface. These titantic heaves required three and one-half days to complete a cycle of varying brightness. Because of this state, our sun was highly response to certain outside influences.

4,500,000,000 years ago, a dark giant of space, solid, highly-charged and possessing tremendous gravity pull entered the space of Monmatia. And from this, 12 planets began to develop. Eventually, due to tidal-wave disruption. Eventually, due to two were pulled away, while another exploded into fragments occurring between Jupiter and Saturn; which is referred to as the asteroid belt.

By 2,500,000,000 years, the planets in Monmatia grew immensely in size. Our Earth was one-tenth of its size and still growing, while its moon was about equal to its size.

Now, the mention of our moon certainly debunks any theory of it being some kind of space ship and being created there as extraterrestrials. As for a colony currently being on the moon, it’s possible! The Book of Urantia has mentioned different life forces existing in outer space.
2,000,000,000 years ago, the Earth began to gain on the moon, when enormous space bodies were captured by the Earth. At that time, Earth was about one-fifth of its present size and had become large enough to hold the primitive atmosphere which had begun to appear as a result of the internal elemental conflict between the heated interior and the cooling crust.

1,500,000,000 years ago, the Earth was two-thirds its present size, while the moon was close to its present mass. The whole Earth, at this time was a fiery inferno and continued in its molten state before the heavier metals gravitated toward its center. A crust, consisting chiefly of the comparatively lighter granite was gradually forming and setting the stage for this planet to have the capability to support life, someday.

Once the Earth’s crust completed its formation, our planet’s atmosphere slowly evolved, containing some water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen chloride but little nitrogen of free oxygen. As the Earth’s atmosphere began to cool from all of that past volcanic eruption, it was enveloped in one vast and continuous blanket of steam preventing the sun from shining upon the Earth’s surface.

As time continued on, since it’s never-ending, the ocean began to appear until the seaweeds and other forms of vegetable life began to generate free oxygen.

The more enriched the atmosphere becomes, the more protection the Earth is given from collisional impacts from meteoric swarms, because oxygen creates a strong, friction shield against these impacts.

So, as we hear about climate change, the disruption of our atmosphere, we need to really pay attention and do what we must to prevent any further damage.

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Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ.

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