What do you think separates great guitarists from average guitarists? Hint: It has nothing to with guitar technique or the amount of time your practice each day. In fact, the answer is so simple you have probably overlooked it:

The Secret To Becoming A Great Guitarist

It is commonly accepted among guitar players that there are 3 things that will help make you a better guitar player: 1) The right guitar practice materials 2) The right guitar exercises and 3) The knowledge of how to practice these things in the most efficient way possible. Most guitar players who are really serious about becoming great realize these 3 things and start to look for a great guitar teacher who will help them reach their musical goals faster than they ever could on their own. While these 3 things will help you get on the right track, there are 3 main reasons why these 3 things alone don’t turn every guitar student into a great player:

  1. Most guitar students don’t BELIEVE that they can and WILL become great guitar players (this is absolutely critical - I talk about this more below)
  2. Most guitar students and teachers assume that guitar lessons exist to “teach new things”. This is false because, while learning new things is a part of lessons, a good guitar teacher will always do so much more than merely “teach”. He/she will also instill and reinforce your belief that you will become a great player.
  3. Many guitar teachers simply aren’t properly qualified to be teaching guitar. Learn more about this in my article about why so many guitar teachers suck.

Here is one of the most common things I’ve noticed through helping many, many guitarists reach all of their musical goals:

All of my most successful guitar students believed that they WOULD become great guitarists through working with me. The students with this belief always got the biggest results even though some of them were unsure of how it would happen. These students are not any more talented than the average student - but they adopt a winning mindset that DIRECTLY affects their ability to become a great guitar player. This is the #1 reason why my students consistently experience big results.

I want YOU to be successful too. That’s why I am sharing these ideas. Everything is so much easier when I begin working with a student who has already adopted this mindset. This is because the student is much more likely to actually DO the things I tell them to do so they can become great. This mindset almost guarantees that they will reach their musical goals as a result of studying with me.

How Learning To Play Guitar Is Similar To Gardening

It is unfortunate that most guitar students don’t believe in themselves until they start to see results in their guitar playing. Obviously, results are important, but having a “results are king” mindset actually ends up hurting these players. This is because you must think of your guitar playing results as a race car. In order for the car to reach an optimum level of performance everything “under the hood” has to be perfect. When mechanics are working on these kinds of vehicles they know the results will come even though they don’t see them immediately. On the other hand, if you expect your car to win races without any mechanical modifications done to it…you will never experience victory.

Your guitar playing develops in the same kind of way. Before you begin reaching your musical goals, you need to put your faith in the process and believe that the results WILL come (provided you put in the work, of course). This is why you should be looking for a great guitar teacher who can prove their greatness as a guitar teacher. You won’t be able to put your trust into the process of becoming great without any proof that this process works.

What Will Destroy Your Guitar Playing Progress

Most guitarist don’t make the progress they want in their playing because they:

  1. Are too afraid to truly believe in themselves. This happens to some of my students even when I show them the proof of the incredible results my students consistently achieve. So it is one of my responsibilities as a guitar teacher to change the mindset of my students so that they have complete faith in their potential to become a truly great musician. Once that faith has taken root, everything falls into place easily.
  2. Don’t realize how much progress they have actually made because they are focusing too much on the results that can be easily seen. In reality, intangible results cannot be underestimated because they are the foundation from which big tangible results grow. By losing your faith in yourself because you can’t see any tangible progress, you are killing your chances to become truly great.

After reading this article, some guitar players simply will not believe that one’s mindset can impact their playing in such big ways. They can believe whatever they’d like. However, after teaching thousands of amazing guitar players, I can tell you that is definitely a proven fact…not a theory. If you can implement this kind of mindset and study with a great guitar teacher, you can reach all of you musical goals and become a truly great guitar player.

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About The Author: Tom Hess is an successful guitar teacher and composer. He teaches online guitar lessons to guitarists around the world. Visit his website tomhess.net to get more guitar playing tips, free guitar resources and to read more articles about playing guitar.