One of the first things you are told as a business owner is that you must have a business plan. I agree. I’m a fan of long-term and right now plans. But that doesn’t guarantee you profits or growth. Many people file that puppy in a drawer or stash it in the depths of their computer. Then it’s out of their mind until January 1 of the following year.

If the plan doesn’t get you immediately buzzing with energy and ready to get into inspired action then it’s not a good plan.

Now, I love to watch business owners get fired up about their projects and planning. But here is where they fall down, they think productivity is the way to make a successful business happen. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kicking butt on your plan will probably yield you some nice accomplishments. But at the end of the year, you may only be a little richer and not much happier or free.

The biggest mistake business owners make is this:
Massive action = Results

A to-do list that has every item checked off is not success. It just means you know how to get stuff done. You may be working a lot of hours, too. Big whoop. Is that true happiness?

There is only one way to nail your plan and manifest exactly what you want. You must have the confidence and trust in your ability to create the business you want with joy. Only actions taken while connected to your inner wisdom and inspiration will get you the goods.

It’s the complete opposite of what we’re taught. You don’t make stuff happen. You allow things to unfold.

See, if you’re really tuned in to the essence of what you want to create, accomplish and experience in your business you’ll be taking inspired actions all day long. Wild horses couldn’t stop you. And your mood while doing them won’t be frenetic. There will be no drama, heart attacks or chaos.

You will flow from one action to another without an ounce of resistance or that ‘hurry up’ voice yelling at you in the back of your head.

As a practice, decide to try it my way for a week. Begin each day with a clear intention of what you want to do and how you want to experience yourself in your business. Don’t keep your eye on anything for the future; all of your attention will be on whatever you are doing in this moment.

Your Gremlin will want to whisper lies in your ear about the way to get results is to twist yourself into a pretzel to get more stuff done. Focus on quality of life and the action versus quantity of action.

I am quite sure that if you stick to this new way of running your business that your results and joy will skyrocket simultaneously.

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