"So much paper is being churned out of Ft worth Printers because let’s face it—they just have so many printing jobs. That is because there are so many businesses around the Dallas Fort Worth area and all of them need printing jobs - from receipts to letterheads. But the most that they need are advertising materials so they go to DFW Printers.

But while a lot of them go to commercial printers for their jobs, not all of them know what goes on and around in a commercial printing business. They don’t know what a huge operation a printing company is, after all, they do not go past the front office or the sales office where they meet with the sales rep.

Now, why is a commercial printing company such a big business? That is because literally and figuratively, everything is big in printing.

Figuratively, it is because commercial printers run thousands of pages an hour. Depending on capacities of the machines, they can handle several thousands of colored pages in just 60 minutes. So in a day, you can just imagine the pile of work that a commercial printing machine has done. This operation is massive.

But a printing press is also big literally because their machines are humongous. Even the most simple machines are very big and take up so much floor space. Along with these are cutters, because obviously they do not use those small paper cutters. They use those gigantic paper cutters that look like guillotines because they also cut so much paper at one time. That is to save the longevity of the blade so they cut the papers altogether. These two kinds of machines already take up so much space in the production area.

Aside from the machines, everything just takes up so much space. The printer needs a stockroom for the rolls of paper stock (which could sometimes take up an entire floor of the building), ink, and other materials. There is an area for drying the prints, for collating them, and eventually for applying the finishing requirements. There is just so much to do in a printing press.

What most people only see is the front office where the receptionist and the sales people are. In some cases, you may be able to see the admin/human resource personnel, as well as the finance staff. You might even see through the glass office of the general manager. But these things comprise the tip of the iceberg in a printing operation. Most of the work happens behind the glamorous façade. There is an entirely different team that handles the layout and graphics design needed for the printing materials. There are editors and proofreaders that make sure that the contents are in place and there are not typographical errors.

Operations of Ft worth Printers are so big that even if you visit their sales office every day, you will not understand the depth of the operations unless you take a field trip in the production area. But it would be an interesting thing to do—just to take a tour of DFW Printers and look at how things work from behind the nice office. The production area is where the real action is because that is where the image is transferred onto paper, mass produced and prepared for delivery. It is an entirely different world there.

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