Indoor playgrounds are fun, exciting spaces which are perfect for people of all ages, and for children from toddlers to teens, the indoor playground can definitely have a lot to offer. Nowadays, indoor playgrounds aren’t just comprised of ball pits, swings, tunnels, and slides – you can find a lot of offerings in modern indoor playgrounds, from an entire trampoline park to interactive games and activities, sensory games and virtual reality games, sports areas, inflatables, and lot more.

But if you are planning or have just started an indoor playground business, you have to market and promote it as well. You have to make people aware that your business exists – and this begins with some careful marketing strategies. The good news is that word can quickly spread about your indoor playground as soon as people hear about it and try it out, and parents can be particularly useful at letting other parents know about your space. But how else can you market and spread the word about your indoor playground? Here’s a definitive guide.

How to generate the right buzz for your indoor playground:

  • Plan your grand launching or opening

First, you have to plan your grand launching or opening. Of course, you can only plan this once you already have the setup and layout of your space and have installed the necessary equipment and other amenities and facilities such as dining areas, seating areas, areas for adults, bathrooms, and so on. Your indoor playground equipment should be both familiar and novel, and it can include such things as a ball pit, slides and swings, tunnels, trampolines, sensory activities and games, virtual reality games, and more – the sky’s the limit, as a reputable indoor playground specialist like will tell you.

But once you have everything in place, time your opening so that it coincides with a holiday, or plan it on a weekend so a lot more people can attend. You can invite the families in the area to stop by for free so they can check out your facilities, and make sure to give them some offers such as discounts or even free food.

  • Design and set up a great site

If you don't have a website yet, it's time to make one. Your website is your online portal, and anyone who does a search on indoor playgrounds in your area should find your indoor playground centre in their search results. Your website should have pertinent info about your business and don't forget to showcase what you have to offer, paying particular attention to what sets you apart from your competitors in the community. You should also join various social media groups and channels so you can promote your business and make a connection with prospective customers.

  • Get noticed and involved

You should also get involved so you can get noticed in the community. Word of mouth can indeed spread like wildfire, so join various community events and gatherings. It would be great if you could become known as an expert in children's playtimes, sharing your know-how and knowledge with other parents. Don't forget to join local organisations for parents as well; let it be known that you aren't just the owner of a business, but a concerned and active member of the community, too.

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.