Pest control can be a complicated issue to deal with in your home. There are so many variables that it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

The Best Pest Control is Prevention
The most important thing to consider when trying to keep your home pest free is prevention. Preventing infestations from starting is often much easier than getting rid of pests once they have arrived.

Prevention starts outside your home. Making sure wood and paint are properly sealed will ensure that you don’t end up with a termite control problem.

Keeping your garden and lawn free of pests will help keep things bug free inside as well. If there are fewer bugs in your lawn, the less likely they will be to enter your home.
Inside the home, keeping things clean and avoiding water leaks will keep ants and roaches at bay. In homes that are kept clean, water leaks are what cause many pests to show up. Many people assume that their bathroom or kitchen must be dirty when ants are seen, but in reality, most ants come inside in search of water. Food is secondary the majority of the time.

Using Pesticides
When using chemicals in the home, it is often a good idea to seek the advice of a pest control professional such as Orange County pest control. Major infestations often cannot be controlled with store-bought pest control products alone. If you are just seeing a few ants in your bathroom, a high quality product that contains borax is a good option for spot treating.

Borax products are usually liquids and gels that attract ants because they contain sugars. The use of borax often frightens homeowners at first because what starts as just a few ants turns into dozens and often hundreds as they engage in a feeding frenzy.

It is important to let the ants continue to feed for a day or two or until they are completely gone. Once the poison is gone put out more until the ants disappear completely. Don’t be afraid of large numbers.

These scouts take the poison back to the nest and kill the queen instead of just dying on the spot. This ensures that the entire colony will die. Many products kill the scouts too quickly, which just causes more to appear in your home. As those scouts die, the colony continues to breed.

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