There are many ways of saving money when finding an apartment. This next idea is one of the most over looked money saving ideas that can put money in your pocket each and every day. When you do find that perfect apartment that is priced right, ask if apartments on the second or third floor have reduced rent rates. The thought of saving only twenty or thirty dollars a month for living on an upper floor may be amusing to some, but a saving of two, three, or even four hundred dollars each year is no laughing matter.

Pennies in Your Hands

When you look at this idea long term, you’re looking at saving thousands of dollars if you stay in your apartment for a long time. How would you like the idea of someone coming to your door everyday, asking you to hold out both hands, and filling your hands with pennies? It would take two hands full of pennies to equal the amount you would save each day by renting upstairs!

Other Important Reasons

That’s just the financial side of living on an upper level apartment. There are also positive health issues as well. Having to climb one or two levels of stairs will burn unwanted calories and will also give you some added exercise you body desperately needs. You may also end up lousing weight by this very simple idea. People living on the lower levels may think they are renting a premium apartment by living downstairs, but in the long run, you may be the one coming out way ahead.


Living upstairs is also a safer place to be and will help reduce the chances of a break-in because you’re higher up and entry into your apartment will be much more difficult. Living upstairs may also be a little cheaper if you’re paying for rental insurance too. Be sure to check with your insurance agent and see if there is a discount for living in an upstairs unit. If you live near a river, lake, or large body of water, you also reduce the chances of getting your apartment flooded. Water would have to climb an additional 8 or 9 feet to begin to soak your belongings. Bug infestation may also be reduced or eliminated by being higher up. As you can see there are many advantages to living upstairs so give it some serious thought. The next time you are out be sure to pick up a free apartment guidebook to find an apartment with upstairs units. Try to request only the second floor if possible at the apartment office. Many complexes may have floors above the second floor and you may find yourself winded and out of breath by climbing to many stairs if you have to climb to many levels.

Final Thought

Living on the high ground, or in your case, living higher up has always been a desirable thing. Getting paid to live in a safer, healthier location in an apartment is not only a smart idea, but also the right choice when it comes to picking out the best location to live. Now you will have something to smile about when you see your downstairs neighbor!

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