According to the US Department of Commerce women owned businesses grow at 2 times the rate of businesses owned by men, and the Wall Street Journal reports that by 2030 women will own two thirds of the nation’s wealth. Those numbers are pretty impressive. Yet, many women entrepreneurs struggle with self-doubt and it can stop the most brilliant women from sharing their talents and gifts with the world. A lot of entrepreneurs quit before their company has any chance of success and others limit their business growth, because they lack confidence. Can you relate? This article will teach you a powerful to stop caving in to self-doubt.

Your confidence allows you to take actions that are in line with creating success. On the other hand, if you feel frustrated and insecure the actions you take will likely produce poor results. When you’re wallowing in self-doubt you put yourself in position of weakness, which hinders your ability to make sound decisions for the long term benefit of your company. Let’s consider the cost in terms of time and money as well as the impact on your self-esteem when you don’t take steps to manage your self-doubt.
Are you missing out on potential clients, because they can sense your lack of confidence?

This could mean a loss of potential business. When prospects choose not to work with you, because they can sense your lack of confidence you will likely feel like you’ve been rejected. The impact is a deepening sense of self-doubt.
Do you have team members or support staff who are not serving your needs?

The cost here is time related and it could also be another potential loss of business. The impact is feeling overwhelmed, because you have to micro-manage your team or take on more tasks yourself.

Caving in to self-doubt might seem like the only option at times, but there is a way to control the thoughts that threatening to keep you playing at a small level. Try shifting your perspective. By that I mean change the way you see and relate to yourself. This can greatly improve your outlook and raise your confidence. It’s a powerful way to reclaim your thoughts, and see yourself in a more positive light. Here some questions that will help you quickly shift your perspective:

• What is causing these feelings of self-doubt to come up for me?
• What does it cost me and my business when I give in to feeling insecure?
• Is there a more empowering way for me to see myself?
• What would be possible if I could feel more confident in this moment?
• What actions could I take to improve my business if I wasn’t lacking confidence?

Answering these questions will help you shift your perspective, and regain a sense of control over your thoughts. Write your answers first and then read them out loud to make this exercise even more powerful. Feelings of self-doubt often come when you’re stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. Growth can feel scary and uncomfortable, but you if you stick with the process you’ll reap the rewards of building a solid foundation of confidence that will help you whether any storm in your business.

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Desiree Stafford is the owner of High Personal Impact, LLC, a coaching and training company serving women entrepreneurs. She is also the creator of the P.E.A.C.E Formula, a 5 step program to empower women in business to skyrocket their confidence and attract their ideal clients with less stress and overwhelm. To learn more and get her weekly newsletter visit