Different people prefer treadmills that are specific and accommodating to their needs. Whether you are looking for a treadmill for your gym, or for a treadmill for home use, there's a wide variety of such fitness equipment that would fit right in.But when shopping for treadmills, do you know what specific features to look out for in each category? Here's a detailed breakdown of what you should focus on when in search of treadmills in various categories.

The best treadmills for home use

Treadmills intended for home use do not experience as much traffic as treadmills at the gym for instance. For this reason, one can be a bit lenient on the equipment features. Nevertheless, they must be of good quality, durable and suitable for an array of uses. If you are looking for average priced treadmills that will give you value for money here are three of our top picks.

Best folding treadmills

Owing to unpredictable routines or tight work schedules, many are left with barely enough time to go to the gym. But is this reason enough to forfeit your fitness goals and keep from exercising? Well, with folding treadmills, you not only have an efficient fitness equipment for use at home or at your corner office, you also have a machine that can easily fold. This is a unique feature that guarantees convenience and is quite easy to store especially when you have limited space. Here are our top picks for the best folding loopbanden in this category.

The best treadmills for runners

From noisy bands, thin cushioning, poor quality materials and absence of basic control functions, the list of problems from below average treadmills is endless. There’s no limit to the number of issues one may be forced to encounter when looking for reliable loopbanden. This is why it is important to note intricate features in a treadmill. While one loopbanden may be suitable for walking exercises, another may be better for running exercises. Treadmills for runners have the ability to withstand more shock which is crucial for the safety of your joints during exercise. Ultimately, the loopbanden that guarantees you comfort safety and quality is the one you should go for. Here are our top picks.

Best high-intensity treadmills

This type of loopdanden is made specifically for those who are not afraid to push their boundaries. Runners, boxers, pro footballers, swimmers, basketballers, fitness enthusiasts are just a few examples of the kind of users who would enjoy such treadmills. High-intensity treadmills may look just like ordinary loopbanden, but if you look closer, you’ll realize that they are quite different. For starters it is slightly larger, has better cushioning and comes with an automated slope function.Everything about high-intensity treadmills oozes quality. This because they have been made to take up as much shock as possible and endure all kinds of tough exercise for longer durations. They do not break down easily even on the highest speed settings. Such loopbanden seamlessly accommodate each one of your needs. Top picks include;

Best loopbanden for commercial uses

Commercial treadmills have very diverse features in comparison to other treadmills. They can go on and on all day and still not break down. They are made to run for longer, absorb high shock levels and accommodate different user weights among a variety of other functions. Commercial use treadmills are incredibly versatile and require very little maintenance. If you are looking for such loopbanden, here are some of the best picks.

Treadmills are a welcome more viable alternative to running or walking outside especially when the weather is not conducive. The aforementioned categories are reliable treadmills that can not only guarantee you an amazing exercise experience but are instrumental in helping you meet your own set fitness goals.

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