Not very long back did I stumble upon one of the most efficient trash pickup tools in the market today. I started my search online, looking for American made extended reach trash pickup tools. I must have browsed about 4-5 products, including the Foldable Grabber Reaching Tool and the EZ Litter Stick. Out of all the products I actually considered buying; I realized, the Grappler extended reach tool stands out as the best trash pickup tool in the market, even till date. Grapplers Inc, the company that has been manufacturing trash pickup tools since 1992, are leading providers of smart cleaning solutions, including the Grappler, the Handler, and the Handy Bag Ringer.

The Grappler Litter Pickup Tool
You may say, the Grappler is by far one of the most expensive trash pickup tools I’ve come across; but it remains till date as the most appreciated product in the market. Grapplers have long been praised for their durability and efficiency in handling. Made using rust-proof aluminum, Grapplers are surprisingly light in the hand, and strong in build and design to support heavy-duty use. Like many other trash pickup tools, Grapplers also work on a trigger based mechanism; but no other product in the market can deliver a squeezing force of upto 17 pounds to snap shut the picker cups onto the targeted objects with firm grip.

From dead rodents to twigs and toothpicks, you can use the Grappler extended reach trash pickup tool to pickup objects of varied sizes. I use mine mostly to help me with my bird-keeping chores and for keeping the surroundings clean from unwanted litter. The Grappler is perfectly washable, so after a long day’s use, you can hope to wash the trash bits from the picker cups down before you put it back.

The Grappler extended reach pickup tool is available for purchase on Amazon and many other online superstores (including the company’s own website), in many sizes, ranging from 2 feet long to eight feet long. They can be obtained in both, Standard and Industrial Grade versions, and all Grapplers come with a lifetime warranty, which is rare feature for a product of its niche.

Other Trash Pickup Tools by Grapplers Inc
I also own one other trash pickup assistant and it’s called the Handler. It is essentially a bucket handling tool, which you can use to carry along a 5-gallon bucket, in order to collect the trash you pickup using the Grappler extended reach tool. The handler is particularly useful for cleaning up large areas, where you need a portable solution to collect the trash you pickup on the go. Similarly, the Handy Bag Ringer is another efficient trash pickup tool that you can attach to the mouth of a 30-gallon trash bag, so you can use it along with the Grappler extended reach tool, for collecting the litter you pickup on the move.

Take a quick look at all products by Grapplers Inc at their website. You can also refer to many customer reviews and testimonials, which have been posted in many online stores.
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Grapplers Inc. is really a really Us good results history, mainly because it had been started by respectful beginnings by simply The writer along with Bonnie Thiessans. They've got given that constructed some sort of flourishing and incredibly successful application along with a unit company in Sparks The state of Nevada along with earned quite a few awards. Many people are also regarded across the country for achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been creating get to extendable along with business oriented level litter pick up tools since 1992.