The work situation in different areas has begun to change rapidly as the Indian economy slowly but gradually grows in its development structure. Several industries, like banking, IT, and many others have created big jobs across different Indian cities. If work-seekers are hunting for accountant jobs or finance jobs, in all major Indian cities they will probably end up finding several choices. However, some cities appear to be more than offering opportunities, pay, and career development when it comes to financing and accountants' work.
Some of the Best Indian Cities for Financial and Accounting Work :

  • Mumbai
    There is no question that Mumbai, India's financial hub, tops the table when it comes to working in the area of finance. Mumbai is one of the best cities for specialists in financing, and home to the largest number of financial institutions, including the Reserve Bank of India and the State Bank of India. The average pay package varies from INR 5.5 to INR 12 lakhs annually, with a rate of growth reaching 10 percent. Although it boasts that the city is a little too busy with high real estate costs, job seekers continue to move to the city to satisfy their dreams.
  • Delhi
    Delhi, the country's political capital, is where there is enormous financial employment. Although the industry and sector in the city are well mixed together the role of banking and financial services are also extremely high, extending from IT to manufacturing, media, and consultancies. The Financial Services category provides the career seeker with a wide list of public and private banks, along with a selection of foreign banks including Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Accountant jobs in Delhi are abundant. It is a favourable region for job seekers because it has an annual average wage package ranging from INR 6 to 7 lakhs and a growth rate of more than 10%.
  • Noida/ Gurgaon
    Several job seekers from around the country also appeal to parts of the National Capital Region (NCR), towns of Noida and Gurgaon. These two cities have been popular for millennial who wish to make a career in finance and accounting over the past decades and a half. These two cities provide several financial and accounting positions which also provide decent pay for jobseekers. All Major Fours, EY, KPMG, PWC, and Deloitte are headquartered in Gurgaon. Of course, these organizations also need applicants with strong financial and accounting skills.
    In the last decade, however, Noida (UP) has become a promising destination for job seekers. In the city are NTPC, HCL, Samsung, and many others who are actively searching for talents. Somewhere between INR6 lakhs and INR 8 lakhs a year the average wage packages of these cities vary with a rise of at least 10 percent a year. These two cities are really considered fantastic choices for those who want to pursue a financial profession.
  • Bangalore
    Bangalore is the IT city of the world, also called Silicon Valley of India. Obviously, IT jobs are a huge thing in this area. This does not mean, though that the city provides no other sector prospects. The banking and financial services industry also provides millennial and other major job prospects.
    Almost all the big banks in Bangalore, both public and private, still require good candidates. Right there are branches in this city from the State Bank of India to the State Bank of Mysore to every big public bank. On other hand, there are a number of private sector banking institutions and several investment institutions that recruit contestants with expertise in financial services and accounts.
  • Chennai
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu's financial capital, also has ample possibilities in the fields of banking and finance. Chennai's automotive industry has been ranked as one of South Asia's fastest developing cities in terms of economic growth. The city also boasts a strong finance sector where many job seekers who have become professionals in financial services and accounts find work that fits their profile.
    Chennai provides strong career prospects to young people at a variety of financial institutions and banks. The pay ranges from INR 450000 to INR 700000 annually for such practitioners.
  • Hyderabad
    Around ten years ago Hyderabad, the center of the IT industry in Andhra Pradesh, was launched into the point. But for those looking to push a career in banking and financial services, the city offers tremendous opportunities. The presence of many banks and financial institutions provides young professionals wide-ranging employment opportunities. Hyderabad is also considered one of the fastest expanding Indian cities and carries some of the world's best brands, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. A diverse variety of banks and financial institutions offer young professionals ample job prospects. Compensations range from INR 4.5 lakhs on average to INR 7 lakhs.

Final Words :
The cities listed above are some of India's top destinations for the financial and accounting profession. And now you know where to go when you're hunting for an accountant's position or a finance-related job.

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