Boston is the most famous city and also pops up in our minds whenever we are thinking about wars and everything. However, as it has been involved in these wars a lot previously, it has changed a lot already know, and the new city can now be known as the freedom trail.

People often come here to educate themselves about the wars and how they dealt with it. But, this city is now more than just wars and chaos and has now become famous among people for the best tourist attractions it has. As almost all of these places are relatively close, you can always take a walk while seeing the beauty of the city and admiring it. There are many good Boston hotels in the neighbourhood too so you can easily come and enjoy the view anytime you want.

Faneuil Hall

This hall is also known as the Cradle of Liberty, and upon its creation, it was declared that this hall will always be open to the public. It was built in 1740, and the market stalls still occupy the ground floor of this hall. On the fourth floor of this hall, you can view all the weapons and the uniforms that people used to wear in the battles and some significant battles. There are also paintings on the display, which were made in that era, and some, which were made after being inspired by them.

In some good weather, you will find a lot of street performers around this area performing what they are good at and a lot of food stalls around it. But, street performers and food stalls cannot be seen in any critical weather, which makes it less attractive. If you are planning on t=coming to this place anytime soon, be sure that you come in good weather.

Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats

These gardens are one of the oldest parks that ever came into being in America. As it is dated too old, it has a very important role in history, and people often come here.

It has the architecture, which can be dated back to 1756. Here, in these parks, people love renting some swan boats, which look stunning. When you are already so close to nature, you would also like to ride in something that makes you feel even closer.

These perfect rides cost less and can give you a trip around the park. It would make a perfect romantic date.

Harvard Square and Harvard Art Museums

Harvard University is one of the best universities, which exist in the world today. It is also the first institution in the United States of America, which provided higher education to the students. If you are in the town for any reason at all, you can take a tour to the Harvard square and learn a lot in just one trip to this place.

People from all around the world come to this university to quench their thirst of knowledge. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to meet a future leading scientist in this square at any time.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

This museum opened in 1979, and it was a tribute to the 35th president of the U.S. It is an official national memorial to JFK. The museum stands on the shore south of the city, and it has different areas of the display, which are busy displaying different aspects of the life of JFK.

You can have a look at his personal and professional life. It also teaches us a lot about the political techniques that he used to adapt, and we get to know a lot about the legendary hero that we all did not know we needed.

Harvard Museums and the Glass Flowers

Even though there are a lot of other museums, but this one has a special kind of art in it. It has over 300 types of different flowers over 850 insects and a lot of other things in it. They are all made up of glass but look so realistic that you would not be able to distinguish between the real and the glass products.

New England Aquarium

This aquarium has over 20,000 fishes in it, and it displays over 550 different species of aquatic animals. There are a lot of places where we can feel close to nature, but there are so fewer places, which tell us more about the sea life. You need to visit this place as they display creatures like small starfishes to giant octopuses.

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