If you’ve always thought that teleseminars and webinars are great for business coaches, but wouldn’t work in your industry, I encourage you to think again.

Here are four entrepreneurs from three very different industries, who are using teleseminars and webinars not only to expand their own businesses and improve their lifestyles, but also to enhance the learning for their students.

Better for Your Business
Surely one of the most unique industries using webinars is the niche that Professional Equestrian Karen Rohlf created, called Dressage Naturally. This niche combines the competitive sport of dressage with natural horsemanship, which prioritizes the partnership between horse and human over competitive results. Pretty cool, right? Karen used to offer her virtual courses in an evergreen mode on a sales page, with very poor results. But once she started using live preview webinars, as I teach, the same course “brought in six figures the first year.”

Another pioneer in her industry is Cathy Fisher, who offers a webinar-based, online learning series that automotive manufacturers invest in to develop the technical skills and expertise of their engineers. She said that webinars “allowed me to TRIPLE my on-site delivery prices (which my ideal clients gladly pay),” and to shift to up-front payment for online delivery. This not only greatly improved her cash-flow, but it “helped me more clearly identify my ideal clients, (those who are willing to invest up front), and get rid of less than ideal clients!”

Stacey Canfield, Personal Brand Designer & Photographer says, “Five years ago, I only served entrepreneurs in my local area code. Now because I use webinars, I have clients fly from all over the globe to work with me. Webinars have allowed me to go from barely surviving to thriving in an artistic business I still love!”

Better for Your Lifestyle
Our fourth participant, Portrait Photographer and Mentor, Sarah Petty, who built a multimillion-dollar business by using teleseminars and webinars, also said that the tools enable her to spend quality time with her family. “I definitely have a lifestyle filter through which I make all decisions, and webinars and teleseminars have afforded me the opportunity to travel the world with my family and watch practically every one of my three teenagers’ sporting competitions and band concerts. By having a thriving online business, I make money while sitting in the bleachers.”

Cathy Fisher agrees, “Using webinars has allowed me to shift my business from 100% on-site, driving/flying all over to client locations, to now being able to stay home and still share my expertise with clients. In the past, I would be on the road 15-20 days per month; this year, I have only been averaging 3-5 days on the road per month for client work!”

Better for Your Students
Karen Rohlf, our equestrian, was initially surprised that teleseminars and webinars actually enhanced the learning for her students. “My students have told me they feel like they know me better and feel more of a connection through these webinars. In some ways it was even better than what I could offer them live, because I was only with them live for a few days, but with webinars I can connect with them on a regular basis over longer times. I was surprised at how intimate it really feels, and that is so important in my business.”

Cathy Fisher says, “I recognized a number of years ago that the traditional classroom/workshop approach to learning was no longer viable for organizations or their engineers and realized a different approach to technical skills learning was needed.” She says the webinar format itself allows her “to share my expertise with clients over time so they have the opportunity to digest, practice and implement what they are learning, which is essential for them to develop proficiency and expertise themselves.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! And if you can’t wait another minute to learn how you can put these incredible tools to work for the betterment of your business, your lifestyle, and your students, grab your free copy of my brand-new book >Position Yourself for Sales Success How to Use Your Phone and Computer to Finally Set Yourself Free! Today.

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