For any move, the most favored time is 5-6 months. However, that timeframe is for the smaller moves. Unless your office comprises a very small team and office space, your aim should be towards 7-8 months. The problem with office moves is the number of items. Due to a huge number of computing systems, furniture, displays, and heavy equipment, office moves need to be thoroughly planned before the office movers can do their job.

By starting early, you will be able to develop the teams and devise their duties. This added responsibility will need to be governed from time to time for it to be successful. The process of inventory analysis, management information systems, and the search for the right office moving company will be time-consuming. Not to forget the disassembling and packing of the items in the office. A normal house can take weeks so a decent-sized office would take at least a month or more.

Benefits of Starting Early

The benefits of early planning and execution are that on the day of the move, your office operations will not come to a halt. Instead, you will have planned a backup for the operations via remote work or a temporary office. As for the disassembly of your heavy equipment and furniture, it would also be planned with the office movers to ensure your employees can fulfill their deadlines without any interruption. A normal disassembly of an office takes around a week or two. If the office space is much larger, the turnaround times can double.

By carrying out all these processes well before the moving day, you will be able to vacate the premises without any leasing violations from your realtor, and a proper inventory check can be made to make sure every item has been packed. The fragile items can be rechecked as well to ensure they are padded correctly and covered by bubble wraps to avoid any damage.

Final Thoughts

Hence, the optimum time to start the moving process is 5-8 months for an office move. During this time, you will be able to meet all your checklist requirements without any delay to your operations or the office move. EVOM is a professional full-service movers company provider which has been helping offices like yours to move care-free with the help of our certified office movers and professionals. How do we work? We are a marketplace linking you and the most trusted, certified, and professional full-service movers by our interactive and user-friendly app/website.

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