While looking for a room makeover, the first thing we turn to is the color, but the texture is an equally important tool that brings light to a room, which we often neglect. By adding one of the latest texture coatings in Bondi you can bring dimension and depth to your wall surface. You can have it in different types from throws to rugs and fabrics. You need to dress up your wall in natural materials like wood or marble – or even wallpapers and paints with the latest texture effects that can liven up your room instantly without taking any of your surface space. However, take a look at the best texture coating trends in 2021.

Feature an optical illusion

You can use this in your sitting room. Make use of texture coatings that reflects well with your room furniture. For best results, you can apply printed wallpaper to your wall surface to generate an optical illusion of texture, which is very much unique and interesting.  

Whitewash wood panels

If you want to keep things simple, you can do that by making use of ash wood paneling. The texture coating in Lane Cove will help you to get your desired result efficiently. If you have paneled walls already, but you need to lighten them up, make sure you whitewash your panels through paint watering. After that, you need to brush it on, wipe it immediately, and continue repeating this until you are getting your requirements fulfilled.

Using flat plaster paddle

If you apply texture using a flat plaster paddle instead of a brush or roller, you can give a three-dimensional look to your texture surface. The latest texture coatings in Ryde will help you to unfold a work of art in terms of getting fully integrated into your space.

Choose a printed grasscloth

This is one of the most popular texture coating trends in 2021. Using a printed grasscloth wall covering is enough soft that can inspire both productivity and visuals. A printed grasscloth is going to make your natural fibers look more dimensional and texture-rich.

Use faux animal skin

The crocodile wallpaper is the most popular in faux animal skin texture coatings. By applying this wallpaper texture, you can bring a sultry punch to your clean and classic space.

Using padded velvet

This trend relates to using padded velvet textures that are useful for deadening sound. This restricts sound to invade other rooms, thus allowing you to maintain privacy. This also brings a silky vibe to your wall surface, which looks visually appealing and is ideal for your cozy bedroom.

Hope, you came to know of the best texture coating trends in 2021. If you find the content helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and give thumbs up!

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