Are you looking for a textile showroom that has some of the world's best selections of fabrics and garments? Are you looking for branded clothes that have

creativity, style, and comfort in wear? If so, the best place to visit is Pulimoottil Silks, Kottayam. The showroom is famous for its designer clothes, along

with different brands of sarees, churidar materials, ready-made designer churidars, mens casual wear, formal wear and so on. The showroom has clothes that

suit all sections of society and the prices are highly reasonable when compared to other textile showrooms. The womens section is known to be the most

popular among all. They have all varieties of sarees like Kancheepuram, Banaras, Linen, Cotton, Polyester, and many more. All of them are made from high

quality materials have a fixed and affordable price tag that suits all people to buy it. The different sections in the showroom like kids wear, mens wear,

infants wear, womens wear, and so on are neatly allocated in each storey that a whole family can find it really easy to select their dresses from different

brands. Thus, the showroom has a nickname called "The Family Shop". All kinds of clothes required for brides and grooms are available, along with great

discounts and special offers at festival seasons. All the staff memebrs available in the showroom have a deep knowledge about the brand of cloth they

present and will help and recommend you in every way possible to buy the best brand.

Another most selling material in the showroom is the churidar material. Most women in Kerala have a good fashion sense when it comes to wearing churidars.

Most of them have a good knowledge about the material and texture of the fabric that is needed for a special occasion. Though ready made churidars are

available in shops, most women prefer to buy churidar materials as they can provide custom designs to stitch their material that will suit their body shape

and size. Besides, some women are found to be allergic to some materials. During summer season women prefer to buy materials like cotton, voile and lizi-

bizi, which are known to be worn closer to the skin than any other clothes. For formal occasions like meetings, high-class weddings, and so on, clothes made

from materials like silk, crepe, chiffon, Lycra and net are preferred. All these materials are available at affordable rates and the designer experts

available in the showroom help you to select the perfect design and the right amount of cloth needed for stitching.

Do not forget to visit Pulimoottil Textile Showroom, located in the heart of Kottayam, for an incredible shopping experience for yourself and your family.

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