Deep Tissue Message follows a particular technique, which helps in relaxing the structures of deeper muscle and fascia tissues. It follows a unique style with a definite amount of pressure on the tissues is exerted to relax them. From this aspect, it is quite similar to the Swedish massage. However, the only difference is that the pressure here is more intense, though the movements and techniques are similar.

The techniques that are followed are more or less universal. However, the technique that is followed mainly depends upon the physical condition and the age of the recipient. Here are the common techniques that the masseurs use while conducting deep tissue massage in Richmond massage parlours and clinics.

deep tissue massage

Cross-Fibre Friction Technique

This is a unique technique of deep tissue massage, which is used to break down the muscular knows and lesions, resulting from injuries like breaks, tears and sprains. The principal aim of this technique is to help the body to form strong as well as flexible muscle tissues, following injured or bruised joints, tendons or ligaments.

Active Release Technique

It is essentially deep tissue massage technique that combines examination and treatment. In this technique, the therapist would use hands for assessing the composition as well as the development of sash, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. When it comes to taking care of the anomalous tissues, the coordinated pressure is exerted at strategic points to a certain degree to release the tension of the deep tissues.

Muscle Energy Technique or MET

This is a specific variety of deep tissue massage, which is generally conducted by sports masseurs, osteopaths and some physical therapists.

This technique is particularly beneficial when it comes to stretching the postural muscles that have a tendency of shortening. From the medical point of view, as the masseur exerts pressure on the muscles of the recipient, the natural resistance offered by the muscles creates an isomeric compression. It is this compression that helps the muscles to reinforce and gain the required stability.

The aim of MET is to:

  • Stretch the postural muscles, rather than the phasic muscles
  • Strengthen the muscle tissues
  • Relax the muscles, more so the ones that are more vulnerable to wear and tear from cramps
  • Recapture the right capacity of the muscles
  • Reduce the restricted edema

Trigger Point Technique

This particular technique in aimed at easing the source of a pain or strain, by exerting cycles of pressure. The best way to take the full advantage of this full body massage in South Yarra is by taking deep breathes. However, key to make this technique a success is finding the exact point and degree of ailment or discomfort.

The most significant advantage o this technique is that it discharges the tightened ranges of the muscles, which helps to lighten the pain and discomfort.

Myofascial Release Technique

In this technique, the pressure is exerted directly on the skin without the use of any oil or cream or lotion. This helps in detection of the fascial limitations. More so it helps in applying the appropriate extent of pressure to release the fascia.

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