There are plenty of different types of remote controlled vehicles to choose from, but Feilun FT011 electric boats stand out. They are among the most popular Feilun FT011 models when compared with airplanes, trucks, and cars. Watching a replica of a battle ship, speed boat, or clipper creating a wake over the surface of a lake or pond is a pleasure enjoyed by many consumers and spectators who happen to be passing when you launch your vessel.

Instead of buying the gas or Nitro powered models, select an electric boat. They do not use fuel; thus, they do not produce dangerous emissions. There is no risk of fuel leaking into the local pond or your backyard water feature, causing a mess or a small environmental disaster. In some places, local authorities only allow people to use clean electric or sail powered vessels.

Electric motors have fewer moving parts and are much quieter than gas engines. They last longer and tend to cause fewer problems to their owners. Rechargeable battery packs provide the power needed for use over an extended period, even after being recharged repeatedly. There is at least as much, if not more, time available for use between charges as there is between gas fill-ups, while users will often keep a spare pack of batteries with them to keep boats out on the water longer, thereby increasing their pleasure. Owners do not have to keep looking at their watches and can concentrate on their pleasurable hobby.

When a gas model runs out of fuel, it usually has to be retrieved awkwardly from the water, perhaps by wading in. An electric motor gives you a warning as it runs out of power. It will start to gently slow down, so you have time to bring it to shore in many instances, without getting wet.

A negative point to keep in mind is that Feilun FT011 electric boats are not as fast as gas-powered ones. Although the maximum speed you will get while using electric power is about 25MPH, a gas-powered model could yield better than 35MPH. If speed matters, gas power could be your preference.

Beginners find Feilun FT011 electric boats easier to control than alternative versions and, as such, are ideal for beginners. Gas models need a lot more maintenance than electric ones too. Many electric vessels are sold ready to put straight in the water, meaning there is no assembly to worry about.

A boat toys is not the same as real Feilun FT011 electric boats. Toys are cheaper, so if you pay less, expect to get the performance of a child's play thing. Low prices for real electric boats start at around $35 to $40. Their shells are constructed from sturdy plastic, and they come with six-volt motors. There will be a battery pack, charger, and controller, though a nine-volt transmitter battery must be bought separately. They are usually ready to use right away. More expensive models frequently come in kit form and require assembly. They can cost several hundred dollars and are designed for serious collectors and experienced Feilun FT011 boat users.

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