Sometimes people aren’t that happy in their day-to-day jobs and most of the time, they just need an extra income source and seek ways to start a side hustle. However, regardless of what you need a side hustle for, working on something you’re passionate about is very rewarding.

If you’re passionate about pets, here’s the list of side hustles you can do.

Walk dogs

A go-to side hustle that can generate money fast for pet lovers is walking dogs. What makes it more popular is that it only involves doing something enjoyable. You even get the option to choose how you will work and the number of dogs you will walk. You can even choose a location you like the most.

The best part about being a dog walker is that there is an app called WAG that can make finding clients easier. WAG is an excellent choice for both dog owners and walkers because all pet caregivers on the app are vetted and trained. You can find out more about the app on

Pet grooming

Even if you’re not a professional pet groomer, you can offer a basic service like a dog bath coupled with toenail clipping that doesn’t need specialized training. A basic offering like this can easily be offered as an extra if you’re a dog walker, too and will be invaluable to dog owners who live busy lives.

However, if you choose to offer pet baths, you need to be aware that it’s not all dogs that enjoy getting washed. This can make your job hard so you’ll need to be really passionate about pets.

Become internet famous

Being an influencer on social media can be an easy way to make fast money once your page has reached a certain level. To be a pet influencer, you don’t have to be too involved in the process or reveal your identity to everyone. Pets are very capable of becoming solo celebrities.

To enable your pet to become famous online, you’ll need to take and post as many cute pictures of it regularly and know how to use hashtags. Once your pet page is well-known, you can monetize it by selling fan merchandise, being an affiliate marketer, and making product recommendations.

Set up shop

You can make money fast if you sell things that pets love, like food and treats. For these two, you have the option of manufacturing the products. Using natural ingredients when making pet food or treats won’t only make it tasty but offers a great selling point for food-conscious pet owners.

Perishable pet products aren’t the only in-demand things to animals and their owners. Pet clothing and toys are also very popular amongst consumers. Selling these on an online store in addition to physical sales can be very profitable because you can reach a wider audience on the internet.

Be a pet writer

Unfortunately, many people who love pets aren’t in a position that allows them to have one or work directly with animals. If you are one of these people, you can still have a side hustle based on your passion for pets by writing about them.

Writing about animals offers a variety of revenue stream choices as you won’t be limited to a few pet types but can write about any animal of your choosing. You also choose how to monetize your writing as you can get paid for guest posting, freelance gigs and ads should you create a website.

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