There is nothing worse than the look and feel of oily hair. The problem is that it’s completely natural, caused by an over-active sebaceous gland. Sebum benefits the hair, making it smooth, hydrated and strong, so it won’t dry out or break, but too much sebum will make your hair look slick and greasy. Sometimes, you over produce sebum because of internal factors like hormones, but other times it can be because of your hair care and beauty routine. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to naturally combat oily hair!

When you suffer from oily hair, your first instinct will be to wash it immediately when you notice your scalp looks greasy, and for some people, that means washing daily. Unfortunately, your hair needs those oils to stay healthy and strong, so although your scalp will be oil free after a wash, your hair will be more susceptible to damage, specifically drying out and breaking. If you have greasy hair, it is recommended to wash only two or three times per week. Yes, it might be tough at first, and a tad uncomfortable to look at between the first few washes, but eventually your hair will adjust, and you won’t need to wash the oils away as often.

The other key factor in combating your oily hair and scalp is the products you use to wash and condition your hair. If you aren’t already, make the switch to an all-natural product as soon as possible, and you’ll notice a difference almost right away. Many bottles of shampoo are full of harsh cleaning agents that strip your hair of its natural oils and fill it with chemicals to look clean, but it’s really harming your hair and scalp. By using an all-natural product, your hair will be infused with minerals, nutrients and vitamins, that not only clean your hair but maintain it and keep it healthy. The best shampoo to tackle oily hair is either a lavender shampoo or an apple cider vinegar shampoo.

Lavender shampoo is a multitasking shampoo that is both nourishing and restorative. Gentle enough to use on all hair types, lavender is perfect for oily hair because it has antibacterial properties that keep the scalp balanced and healthy. Most importantly lavender lightly moisturises your hair without weighing it down, so your scalp can breathe between washes. Lavender shampoo can also reduce inflammation and speeds up the healing process for other scalp conditions.

Apple cider vinegar shampoo is an antibacterial shampoo that stimulates the scalp and restores it to a healthy pH level. This is essential for anyone suffering from oily hair because it will cleanse and remove build-up, while restoring a natural shine. Both clarifying and restorative, apple cider vinegar is one of natures' elite clarifying ingredients which helps maintain and overactive sebaceous gland, leaving you with a scalp is clean and does not need to be washed every day.

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