Best Point And Shoot Cameras For Outdoor Sports

Fujifilm FinePix XP80

The FinePix XP80 is the best point and shoot camera under 200 because it is designed to withstand damage from different sources such as water and dust, making it perfect for outdoor photography. The point and shoot camera comes with a backlit CMOS sensor that delivers sharp, detailed, high quality images, even when in surroundings of low light. The XP80 represents the best waterproof cameras under 200 from Fujifilm because it comes with wireless internet connection to transfer images to smartphones and tablets.

Intova Duo

The Intova Duo is a fun, intuitive and easy to use digital camera that is available in several different colors. These are the best waterproof cameras under 200 because it offers several features, at a budget price, such as HD video recording, removable housing case, and LCD screen with playback monitor. The waterproof camera comes with a number of useful features for taking spectacular images, which includes 4x digital zoom, burst mode for continuous shooting, playback monitor, and rechargeable batteries. It is the best point and shoot camera under 200 in terms of waterproof capacity, because the camera can reach depths of one hundred feet, without getting damaged.

Best Waterproof Cameras Under 200 Are Light To Carry And Technically Advanced

California Sugar Sports Camera

The sports camera is the perfect device for those love their outdoor adventures, the camera functions like a camcorder, with a LCD screen measuring more than two inches, and a CMOS sensor for rendering high quality images in quick time. The best point and shoot camera under 200 comes with amazing technical specifications, such as 14MP Panasonic camera. The sports camera even features built-in wi-fi so that it is easier to connect the sports camera to your tablet, computer, or even smartphone.

DBPOWER Action Camera

If you need to capture images or record a video, while you skiing, surfing, or swimming underwater, the action camera from DBPOWER. The line of action cameras are the best waterproof cameras under 200 because the camera is incredibly light, the camera is no heavier than an egg, which means it can be worn on one's helmet or shoulder as a photographer is riding a bicycle, or swimming. The camera has remarkably advanced technical specifications, such as TF card to support over eight hours of video in 720p HD, and even features an ultra wide glass lens of around 170 degrees.

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