Food for the Soul

There are times in life when we are wandering around, a little lost, a little apprehensive of where we are heading, of what tomorrow brings, how to react, or closer to the moment, what to do in the ‘now’. Most of the time, we need to unclutter our minds and collective consciousness, and reach deep within ourselves for that inner soul, our spirituality, that helps us stay connected to the environment and the world around us.

Listening to a podcast that helps us tune in our minds and find a new direction, and letting astrology help us connect to who we are, and where we are going, is an encouraging step in itself. Self- reflection can act as an amazing propellant to find what we are looking for. So look within your spiritual self. Looking at some of the best podcasts that can help us align our souls.

1. AstroVed Astrology Podcast

No matter what you are looking for, or where you are looking at, the AstroVed Astrology Podcast is simply hard to miss. For the layman or a veteran, the ‘Go-To’ is the AstroVed Astrology podcast. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something new to take away every time you listen. It makes you look within yourself and it is an exercise in itself that soothes you. It is astrology combined with subtle and gentle lessons in finding your inner self.

It is not only about expert guidance on your planetary alignments and what lies ahead, it takes you effortlessly through easy steps in understanding yourself better, self-improvement, and how to overcome challenges, tough times, and achieve what you want in life. In good times and bad,AstroVed Astrology podcast is with you, not only for the astrological readings, but to give you solutions and remedies that can be life-changing. It is an all-inclusive and combined effort to help people connect with their spiritual selves, and strengthen your faith.

The approach is holistic, and provides that fascinating journey towards healing and growth. Listen, and you will find. A podcast can be a good teacher in helping you take care of yourself, to start with, by discovering yourself. A top podcast, the AstroVed Astrology is exactly that.

2. Hermetic Astrology Podcast

This podcast helps you get a firm grip on your astrological chart and what the stars foretell. You can get the views from different astrologers and experts on how to have the best life. The Hermetic Astrology Podcast has host Gary Caton explore astrology and it’s intricacies with guests, and give you a great insight in why you may be weathering choppy waves or having a smooth sail. It discusses the different traditions within astrological readings and charts, and looks deeply into what planetary movements and effects can have on an individual. This podcast has been listed as one among the best and is professional to the core. It is illuminating, inspirational and helps transform individuals with the insightfulness.

3.Cosmic Cousins

If one finds astrological charts and terminology rather intimidating, then go for the weekly astrology podcast,
Cosmic Cousins. It is accessible and down-to-earth. It helps you activate your intuition and is all about finding your soul. It is about the ‘now’ and is a journey of self-discovery, embodies health and deeper learning of the self and what your birth/astrological charts have aligned for you. This podcast is extremely grounded and all about nurturing the soul. Hosted by Jeff Hinshaw, it is all about inter-connectedness of the universal family. The podcast simplifies vocabulary, making it easier for a beginner or layman to connect with astrology and the influences and benefits.

4.Slow Your Home

The Slow Your Home is all about simplifying things, breaking them down. Life is busy and the world we live in today is all about a fast life. With a world that is making giant strides in technology and apparently making life easier through great connectivity and ‘touch’ mode, it has inadvertently quickened the pace for us, making us struggle harder to go about our daily lives and goals.

In the midst of this ‘fast and furious’ living, the Slow Your Home podcast highlights the reason for low, intentional living. Do we need to slow down? Definitely, the writing is on the wall that a fast-paced life works well for a well-oiled machine, but we are humans and at some point, feel the need to slow down or realize the enormity of the situation, when we find it difficult to play ‘catch-up’ anymore. In a world where things can get topsy-turvy, get this podcast to slow down and go into deep-drive, taking steps towards a more meaningful life.

5. Alchemy with Ambi

This podcast serves as real essential in self-care. Ambi Kavanagh takes you through a path that dekes into astrology, but also helps you unwind and become more mindful of your inner self. The only constant in life is change, and as we learn what coping is all about, Ambi helps you navigate the currents of change. This podcast offers a range of tools from mystical musings to exploring a wide range of topics that cover the mind, body and soul. She is in conversation with guests and also provides insights form her own life.

Kavanagh is an agent for change and is a modern-day alchemist who strives to be a catalyst to bring about positive changes in people’s lives. Her podcast helps people navigate troublesome waters, overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Alchemy with Ambi is about transforming people’s lives with a soothing, healing touch. The podcast also focuses on forgiveness, manifesting happiness and play a positive role in people’s lives.

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Finally, looking inwards and finding the spiritual self is all about learning to let go. There are podcasts that help you connect with the journey of discovering yourself. Any situation in life needs perception, a sense of understanding, direction and faith. In today’s digital world, free and online podcasts help you navigate the same. A podcast in tandem with astrology helps you face them all.