The human mind is constantly occupied with the daily activities of life and worldly pleasures, whereas the body is engaged in fulfilling those. A battle is fought continuously between the intellect and the built that leaves an entity completely exhausted. The tiresome and perturbed individuals are always on a lookout to elope into a peaceful location, a place secluded from the urban life where one can reconnect with themselves and discover their hidden qualities.

The posh tourist spots, skyscrapers, and a list long list of such destinations proposes a luxury vacation filled with fun and extravagance. But, it does not promise to restore the lost state of the soul. The forgotten experience of inner healing, pure joy and more cannot be recalled through superficial recreational activities. They just provide temporary pleasures that do not satiate the thirst of the wandering soul. Eternal bliss to be cherished lifelong is found in retreat programs. Yoga retreat program is the ideal escape from the modern lives into a refreshing lifestyle.

Heal your heart with the inner healing retreat in India. The retreat program welcomes everyone who wishes to gain a deeper knowledge of them and, want to immerse into the spiritual teachings and yoga philosophy for ultimate peace. This retreat program is one of its kind that not only introduces the fellow students to yoga but spirituality also. The program throws light on several elements like Bhajan-Kirtan, Bhakti, Dharma, and everything that sum up to a rejuvenated mind. The integrated curriculum covers topics related to hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, pranayama, workshop sessions on the philosophical foundation of yoga, discussions on various other styles of yoga, and meditation techniques that make it a holistic program and, encourages the learner to embrace it as a holistic package- a perfect yoga weekend.

An exquisite destination turns a vacation into a breath-taking tour. An idea to spend the holiday in a beautiful, suitable place makes the weekend much more interesting and worthwhile. Therefore, the need to spend leisure time in a convenient and alluring place cannot be undermined. The wrong choice of the spot can ruin a perfectly planned trip. Therefore, we have shortlisted two most recommended places for inner healing retreat to save you from confusion. The chosen places are the holy town of Rishikesh and motherland of Ayurveda, Kerala.

  • Rishikesh: Rishikesh, better known as adventure and yoga capital of the world attracts many yogis, pilgrims, sages and seekers in its lap. The great Himalayas, purity emanating Ganges surrounds the spiritual city of Rishikesh. Hindu temples, heaps of ashrams fill the streets of this cozy town. Every now and then, reverberating chants of mantras and the resonance of temple bells can be heard that soothes the ears. The pristine beauty woos the eyes of the visitor. It is a paradise for every traveler. Tucked away from the city life with tropical greenery, supernatural breeze and chirping birds provide the perfect environment for the pilgrims to take up the yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh, India. Deviate your soul from the stressful life and immerse in the traditional livelihood for core delight. Pamper yourself with the richness of health and beauty. Reveal the sporty side of yours and undertake adventurous sports like white-water river rafting, trekking, hill climbing, and lot more exciting activities that completely revitalizes you. Rishikesh is undoubtedly the tourist destination for all those who desire to spend a thrilling yet calm weekend.
  • Kerala: Beautifully nestled in the southern part of India, bounded by Arabian Sea in the West and Western Ghats in the East, the region of Kerala has a unique geographical feature that makes it among the top ten tourist destinations in the globe. Kerala is blessed with sandy beaches, turquoise backwaters, emerald green forests and exotic wildlife. Enjoy an evening stroll in a picturesque setting. The state is full of astounding views, immaculate nature and pleasing and equitable climate. Shrug off the worries and relax in the motherland of Ayurveda with the authentic ayurvedic practices. Nurture your inner intricacies with the restorative practices that leave you invigorated. Spend some time in Kerala and, feel like dwelling in a heaven on earth.

If you are eager to explore the other dimension of life that connects you with your core being, inner peace, and high spirits, then register for Inner Healing Retreat in India and, get rewarded with inner contentment in life.

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