A jigsaw can be described as a hand-operated electrical tool, which is intended for targeted material cutting in the sense of simple cutouts, curved shapes or
extensions of openings in the middle of the material. The saw blade used has a central function, which carries out the cutting work by means of lifting movements
brought about by the jigsaw.

The first jigsaw was invented in 1946 by development engineer Albert Kaufmann. As an employee of Scintilla AG based in Switzerland
(which was taken over by the Bosch Group in 2005 and delisted from the stock exchange), he was guided by his wife's sewing machine,
which provided the basic idea for today's jigsaw.
The first attempts were made for Kaufmann to attach a narrow saw blade to the sewing machine in order to be able to make small cutouts from wood materials.
In the same year, the first jigsaw powered by an electric motor, the basic idea of ​​which was the up and down movements of a sewing machine, celebrated its birthday.
The following year, his company started mass production of the new electric tool known as the "Lesto jigsaw".
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