The B in LGBT stands for Bisexual but people who identify with this sexual orientation are often neglected and look down up. The mere fact that bisexuals can hook up with people of either gender or sexual orientation paints them as being greedy, a character trait that has won them a lot of enemies in the LGBT community. A gay man will not gladly hook up with a bisexual man fearing that he leave him for a relationship with a woman. That’s still the case with women and a lesbian would think twice before hooking up with a bisexual woman fearing that she may leave her for a man. Straight people also have reservations with dating people who identify as bisexual claiming that most bisexuals could be using them as a bridge before they ‘come out’ as either gays or lesbians. If that’s not enough, bisexuals are seen as promiscuous and the type who sleeps with everyone but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bisexuals just like other humans are emotion-driven individuals and they would only get intimate with people they trust and have feelings for. The “sleep-with-everyone” misconception is therefore wrong and misguided.

Challenges in dating.

Bisexuals, therefore, face a lot of challenges in their quest for love and intimacy. Most resort to hiding their true identities from their partners but the results of this is usually a subdued personality and frustrations later in life. Fortunately for bisexuals, there are warm and inviting avenues for finding love and intimacy in the form of websites for bisexual and bi-curious. Bisexuals and those who are still at the experimental stage will find like-minded individuals on these platforms for fun, love, and play. The advantage of these sites is that they are free of the hate and judgment that is usually directed towards bisexuals by other members of the society. You will also find online bisexual dating guide that will help you in your quest for love and intimacy as a bisexual.

Online Bisexual Dating sites

Online bisexual dating sites are open to anyone and all you have to do is to register an account on the platform. The key to finding a good match for you is a good profile. Your profile should include a picture that shows you in the best possible way. It should also include your hobbies, likes, and preference as well as what you are looking for in a partner. Once your profile is live, other members on the platform will be able to view it and interested parties would gladly reach out to you. Once you meet someone you like on the dating site, you can arrange a meeting where you can meet for a chat as you get to know each other better.


Bisexuals don’t need to hide anymore thanks to online dating sites for bisexuals. Such platforms provide bisexuals with a judgmental free environment to express themselves and to meet similar and like-minded people for successful dating and relationships.

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Shawn Yan, freelance writer and LGBTQIA Advocate.
I try to be a voice for the voiceless in the community. I have been writing for over a decade on topics related to the successes, suppression, and insecurities faced by our community. I believe through story telling, sharing successes, and finding commonality through the many aspects of the human experience we will change the world or at least make it better.