Scouting the Pioneers of Agritech in India
Agritech has become an indispensable component of vegetable farming today. As per estimations, India will have to increase its vegetable production by 35% over the next five years. This shortfall can be dealt with by enhancing productivity through adoption of hybrid seeds in vegetable crops, and by embracing innovative and technology-based approaches. Vegetable farming can help in better economic returns for small famers, while providing better health and nutrition to the consumers.
The pandemic has put further emphasis on the importance of digital technology in agriculture. With efficient digital tools, farmers are now ensuring sustainable production and timely delivery of essential produce. The Indian agricultural ecosystem has witnessed a massive facelift with the advent of the prominent agritech companies. They have taken a centre stage in maximizing productivity, increasing supply chain efficiency, and developing market linkages.
Research states that investments in agritech start-ups are expected to exceed $500 million in the next two years. The leading agritech companies are dedicated towards helping farmers connect with buyers, automate supply chains, and establish supply chain efficiency. They are expanding their presence and offering dedicated services to ensure last-mile delivery of seeds, fertilizers, machinery, and much more.
The renowned names in the agritech industry are delivering efficient crop management solutions by combining geographical location devices and remote sensing advancements. They are using satellite images to gather images and information across farmlands, to analyse the collected information, and to provide useful information to the farmers.
The prominent agritech companies emphasize on sustainable agricultural practices. They offer a wide variety of services such as integrated pest management, cropping sequence methods, plant heath, alternative crops, and much more. These companies are using agritech solutions such high-tech drones, IOT devices, and data analytics to deliver lasting customer experiences.
Hence, in this issue, Insights Success presents you The Best of 5 Recommended Agritech Companies, that are transforming the agriculture industry through their innovative and dedicated endeavours.

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