A hotel can be your home away from home but there are many things that the concierge won’t tell you about pricing and policy. Whether you are staying at a budget hotel in Brisbane or the prestigious Langham Hotel in Melbourne, there are hotel secrets that you don’t know. Some of us may think that these secrets hotel personnel kept are shrouded in secrecy therefore these could be unwritten rules that we need to know. We can only speculate, as some believe that if you know these secrets, you can take advantage of better rates and accommodation. If you want to be sure, better check out hotel search site Odusee for reliable information.

>Five star hotels have their share of secrets that make people wonder how they became so successful. We want to know how we can get the most out of our hotel stay and even save money in the process thru secret hotel deals. Some dirty secrets that we have to be aware like keeping our things safe and ensuring our personal privacy. We may be particularly conscious on the way room service clean our room or how the concierge talks to us, not all of us know how the entire hotel operations work. Here are the best-kept hotel secrets that you need to know:

It has been said that you can get cheaper rates at so-called secret deals hotels by calling their local numbers instead of the toll-free 1-800 line. Most toll free calls are routed to a centralised call centre. If you call the hotel directly then you may probably get in touch with the manager or the sales and marketing personnel and perhaps you can get a better rate than what is advertised.

Get secret hotel deals in Sydney or Perth if you make your room reservations past 6pm because this is the time hotels purge all the no-show reservations that were unsecured by credit card. It is said that offer these rooms at bargain rates by then.

How clean is your hotel room? You may notice that everything in your hotel suite is in order with fresh bed sheets and replenished toiletries. Do you think there is nothing amiss? You will never know how your room was cleaned up and what disturbing cleaning practices were employed.

You will be surprised that not all hotel rooms are soundproof. It is advisable to keep the noise down so that you won’t disturb other hotel guests. Even if you are in a secret hotel in Melbourne, the management won’t hesitate to give you a knock on the door that the noise is unbearable.

Most hotels have hidden charges that you hardly know so make sure you ask before it is too late. Do they charge expensive parking fee rates? How about if you plan on making a call? Don’t fall for the mystery hotel promise of “no hidden charges.”

No vacancy signs may be posted during hotel seasons but some hotels put that sign even if there are available rooms. What is the reason? Most luxury hotels are focused in fixing minor defects so they put a room “out of order.” If you are desperate for a last-minute accommodation, you may ask the manager to accept a room with a minor problem. Hopefully, you will get better mystery hotel deals from it.

Hotel guests want souvenirs from the hotel they are staying. It not a myth but most people take out hotel toiletries.

It is said that concierges get bonuses for every tourist they book that is why some tourists are booked for pricey tourist traps that charge them more. So goes the secret hotel booking, you later realised that you were charged more than other guests were.

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