The last ten years saw some superb books. While some explored the delicate lanes of romance, the other addressed more humanitarian issues. Though a few of these books were utterly unmemorable, there were some that are a not-to-miss. Here is having a look at some such books that definitely merit a read and a re-read too.

Khaled Hosseini is one writer who made a great impact in the decade with his books. The one not to miss is 'The Kite Runner '. This book based in Afghanistan, made a great impact and brought in to light, the life in Afghanistan and its folks. The writer has kept it straightforward and has written about relationships, redemption, the malicious and the good. This book has the capability to build the reader's curiosity with each page. It is surely adventurous.

Another must read of the decade is the much honored 'The Thirteenth Story ' by Dianne Setterfield. This is among the best picks for an avid book reader and much of the action in the novel revolves around, books, libraries and book stores. However, what really makes the tale stand out is the subtle blend of fact and fiction. The reader is constantly left wondering about the verity of the situations described. Joined with a cup of cocoas, this book could make you forget the most dreadful headache.

In the list of the finest books of the decade you can surely not miss the 'The Time Traveller's Other half '. This book gained popularity only after five years of its publication when in 2009 a production based primarily on it was released. It does seem like a mix of romance and sci-fi but is none of these. This book would also make for a very good gift.

'Middlesex ' by Jeffrey Eugenides is another book to vouch for. As the name suggests, the book is about a hermaphrodite. Nevertheless the book goes way beyond than the sex / sex story. The protagonist of the book is Cal, a hermaphrodite. He narrates his story of his family of Greek immigrants over 3 generations. Well made characters together with a glorious style of writing make this book worth looking at.

Cormac McCarthy's books have been widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike. In the past decade, his novel 'The Road ' became another victory of the literary circle. The book got awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 in the fiction category and was eventually made into a widely successful motion picture by Hollywood in the year 2009. Read this book while walking on the treadmill and you'll not notice the miles go by.

The previously mentioned books are a worth your special time and they are sure to add some value to your life.

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