It can be pretty difficult for new traders to identify the best bitcoin brokers to trade cryptocurrencies with. For this reason, a list of the best bitcoin cryptocurrency forex brokers is presented below outlining some features from each one with the aim of making it easier for our readers to easily identify the best forex brokers so that they can make a deposit with peace of mind that their funds are safe. At the end, a recommendation is given as to which broker traders could use if they are looking for a trusted and regulated bitcoin broker.

As it is already well-known, the most common cryptocurrency in the world is none other than Bitcoin. This is the cryptocurrency that started it all as it was the first digital curren-cy ever made. For this reason, it is considered the one that started a global revolution in the world of financial transactions as well as changed the lives of several people around the globe. From that moment, the exchange of currencies and financial trading, in general, started to be perceived differently by the world and thus, a historical turning point was noted.

It should be noted that all cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for another crypto or government-issued currency since they are digital money, meaning that they can be used in the same manner as any other ‘real’ currency. Since their price started to climb, in 2017, a lot of people started trading cryptocurrencies even more than before.

It is always safer to trade cryptocurrencies with regulated CFDs and Forex brokers. This way of investing in cryptocurrencies offers higher levels of customer protection through regulation. Moreover, keeping cryptocurrencies as the trading account currency is a bad idea for the reason that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and also, wild swings can erase any earnings you had while trading. Here is a short list with several benefits of trading cryptos with regulated Forex brokers.

Advantages of trading cryptocurrencies with regulated CFDs brokers:

• Traders can use leverage in order to increase their wins
• Regulation provides enhanced customer protection
• Your account is in USD, EUR, etc. For this reason you are not holding cryptos which can change its price on a daily basis
• Avoid getting hacked as CFDs trading platforms don’t get hacked that easily

Presented below are few of the best trusted crypto brokers available explaining a bit about each one and at the end a suggestion is offered.

IQ Option

Traders who try to open an account with IQ Option will notice that in many ways it is an unusual binary options broker. Furthermore, several other differences are present. For example, a customized trading platform, slightly different accounts and lastly, features are available to traders even with the minimum deposit. Of course, all these bits and pieces are what make trading with IQ Option a more advanced and innovative experi-ence.


A good suggestion for traders looking for the best overall regulated Forex broker to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is 24option for the reason that it is quite popular amongst traders. In 2017, 24option started to shift into CFDs trading whereas in the beginning it was known for offering binary options. Those who wish to have an innovative trading experience with a trusted and regulated Bitcoin Forex broker, then, they might try trading with 24option that holds several awards and also, has a very straightforward trading platform that will excite both beginners and advanced traders too. Traders can rest assured since 24option is owned by Rodeler Limited which is regulated by CySEC and operating under licence 207/13.

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