If you're a vacationer and enjoy exploring new places, natural scenery and trekking, then Jaladhama Resorts can make your holiday more exciting and adventurous. Jaladhama Resorts is one among the best day outing resorts around Bangalore. Let our experts assist you with the best and most efficient way to pick, prepare, and execute a beautiful day-out or picnic for you. We at Backwater resorts in Karnataka promise to form your weekend more thrilling, outstanding and treasured. With us you'll conveniently plan an amazing, hassle-free, and excellent weekend getaway to Bangalore.
Cozily nestled within the middle of serene hills and greenery; this resort offers the most effective day outing facilities to the holidaymakers and visitors. regardless of if you would like to explore the landscapes of Mysore &Bangalore or want to understand more; our expert guides can assist you doing so. The day outing and picnic packages of Jaladhama Resort are Suitable for Family and company holidaymakers. regardless of if you're holidaying together with your family, special one or along with your corporate group; we've the most effective day outing packages to deal with your requirements.
Being one among the Day Outing Resorts with close proximity to Bangalore & Mysore, Day picnic Resort around Bangalore has access to many picnic destinations in Mysore. Moreover the resort itself also features with peaceful suites for accommodation with several indoor& out door games, fun activities and events, energizing discotheque, and fine-dine option with an array of lip-smacking foods, which may make your trip more enjoyable and cherishing.
Talakadu Jaladhama Resorts – Island backwater Resort near Mysore, Talakadu Karnataka
Had been to Jaladhama Resort today and spent a good day with my colleagues (Corporate trip).
Jaladhama Resort may be a Backwater resorts in Karnataka and it's famous for boating. This resort is 125 kms from Bangalore and just 50 kms from Mysore.
The Resort may be a n Island and a backwater resort which is a one among the most effective destinations for boating.
Jaladhama Resort Island is surrounded by natural environment. The resort is on the banks of Kaveri/Cauvery and Kapila River @ Talakadu.
Adventure and Fun Games at Day picnic Resort around Bangalore:
Boating experience are some things that you simply will always remember , especially Motor boats are always there ferry visitors to Jaladhama Island Resort. Imagine a 10 – 15 minute sailing in water with scenic beauty all around, chirping of birds and therefore the skies with dotted bird formations..
Most interesting facts of Talakadu Jaladhama Resort:
Jaladhama Resort is found in Talakadu that's within the banks of Cauvery River. This place is ruled by Harshavardhana, Purusha, Rashtra Kootas, Vijayanagar and Vishnuvardhana kings.
This resort may be a perfect destination for weekend gateway and company outing.
How to reach Jaladhama Resort?
Jaladhama may be a weekend getaway. When it involves reaching the place, the route is Bangalore – Maddur – Malavalli – Purigali. Here you would like to require left to saragur handpost then take right to succeed in Mudukothore.
Like we discussed Jaladhama is simply 125 kms from Bangalore which translates to three hours of journey.

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Jaladhama is one of the best Backwater resorts in karnataka and the best Day picnic Resort around Bangalore.