They were used for their protective, healing and softening properties. We now know that certain vitamins delay the appearance of wrinkles and repair the skin in depth.

Vitamin A (retinol): it regulates the sebaceous and sweat glands. In addition, it improves the quality of the epidermis, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases the thickness of the skin.

Where to find it? In the liver, butter, raw egg yolk, Camembert, cow's milk, fresh eel and sardines.
Beta-carotene. It belongs to the carotenoid family and has the particularity of being able to transform into vitamin A. In this case, it has the same biological activity as it does, but it is also an antioxidant. That is to say capable of protecting skin cells against free radicals, produced in particular by ultraviolet rays.

Where to find it? In all fruits and vegetables with yellow or orange flesh and dark green leaves. Dried apricot and carrot are the best sources of beta-carotene.
Vitamin E (tocopherol): it is the anti-aging vitamin par excellence. It owes this reputation to its antioxidant properties.

Where to find it? It is mainly concentrated in wheat germ oil. It is also found in margarine, as well as in palm, corn and soybean oils.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) : it stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin microcirculation, giving a lot of radiance to the face. It reduces dark spots on the skin.

Where to find it? In most acidic (grapefruit, orange, lemon, currant, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant) and exotic fruits (kiwi, mango). But also in cabbage, tomatoes, new potatoes, peppers, herbs and parsley. Guides Weight loss Consultant Online

Vitamin F: It's not quite a vitamin. These are actually two essential fatty acids that our body has a vital need. Deficient people have dry skin, exposed to eczema, scarring with difficulty and renewing poorly.

Where to find it? In fatty fish (salmon, herring, etc.) and vegetable oils.

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