Dr. Carl Robinson Publishes a Journal for Addressing Pervasive Anger
A decade of successfully touching lives in trainings and sessions inspires his new book

PLANO, Texas – (Release Date TBD) – Dr. Carl Robinson, honorary consular diplomat to the Congolese people, humanitarian entrepreneur and respected counsellor-trainer, offers a journal to assist in behavioral change, while helping people understand the difference between problematic and symptomatic issues of pervasive anger. A product of a decade’s worth of various treatment sessions and trainings, The Best Anger Journal: The Interactive 30 Day Cognitive Behavior Retraining Experience uses treatment modalities that will aid people in changing the ways they act and react through what is called cognitive behavioral retraining.

More than just a literary work, Robinson’s work is a systematized experienced. It commences by offering definitive tips and steps on how to journal properly, equipping readers with an invaluable tool to effect change. Then, it amply sets clear objectives and expectations and presents a brief glossary to guide readers throughout the entire learning and transformational process.

Robinson stresses enough that real change is actually small increments of difference. He calls it “clicks.” He believes that small changes can make a tremendous difference, and when that happens, people will see changes in themselves as well as the change others see in them. Therefore, he believes it is important to read and reread while journaling with expectations over a longer period of time in order to experience some cognitive changes.

Laden with information that is seriously evidence-based and highly successful in treating behavioral health issues, The Best Anger Journal offers to anyone who commits to the process diligently, tangible, lasting and meaningful benefits.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to www.Xlibris.com.

About the Author
Carl Robinson, PhD is the founder of the 20-year-old nonprofit organization “Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation.” He is a humanitarian entrepreneur presently working in war-torn Congo (DRC) where in 2004, he was appointed honorary consular diplomat promoting international trade, supporting humanitarian relief, providing medical, educational and economic development projects. He has more than 26 years of counseling and training experience. He has established a group of the world’s top marriage counselors and consultants to educate and train individuals how to successfully use marriage and relationship concepts that really work and create a healthier happier environment. He talks about emotional intelligence, relationship management for couples, and marriages and has empowered hundreds of people from all fields of expertise.

The Best Anger Journal * by Carl Robinson, Ph.D.
The Interactive 30 Day Cognitive Behavior Retraining Experience

Author's Bio: 

With more than three decades of ministry he carries two doctorates Philosophy in Psychology and Doctors of Divinity. and numerous certifications. from accredited Associations and institutes.
Bishop Robinson was borne in Milwaukee Wisconsin and raised 60 miles outside former President Bill Clinton. His early years were developed in the military in the 101 Division Airborne Screaming Eagles Ft. Campbell Ky and later became a rooky firefighter. He now heads his own practice as the Executive Director an Lifeskills and Anger Management Group based out of Dallas Texas. In additions his local endeavourer he was appointed in 2004 as an Honorary Consular Diplomat to The Democratic Republic Congo DRC with vast international tides and responsibilities. He is married to Lady for 28 years with four children.