Agarwood oil is a very unique essential oil. It is also known as oud, aloeswood oil, Gaharu, Eaglewood or Agalocha. In Arabia, it is called ‘Oudh’.

It is made from the heartwood of agarwood tree which can be found in Souteast Asia and India. The best Agarwood is said to come from Assam in India and Cambodia.
Agarwood is a rare wood thus it is very much in demand all over the world also it is known for its unlimited cornucopia of fragrance.

Agarwood oil can be extracted by many processes like steam distillation, water distillation and carbon dioxide extraction. It is a really long, expensive and painstaking process. It takes 2 years of inoculation and 7 years to plan the tree.

Oudh is very expensive as it is very rare. It is produces by less than 2% wild agar trees. The more they are aged the more fragrant they will be. Also, the highest quality Oudh comes from Agar wood trees which are more than 100 years old.

Some companies claim to sell and are selling Agarwood Oil at really low and cheap prices which in reality is impossible as after reading the above I’m sure you’ve understood that Agarwood is really expensive as the rarity of the tree have driven up agarwood prices. According to a report, High quality agarwood, for example, can cost more than $30,000 per kilogram (~2.2 pounds), almost as much as gold!!

But we at Flora Fragrance provide Agarwood Oil which has very sweet Combodian Oudh odour. This is naturally identical because natural and sterling one is abandoned and restricted for export. Also, its production is unethical and we strongly believe in ethical practices.

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